Bronx Ambassador’s Florida Trip Hits Roadblocks!


The recent arrest of Cecilia Selina Mercado, known as “Sessi” in the Latin music scene, in Florida has left many scratching their heads. The story revolves around Mercado’s questionable behavior, including driving around with fake diplomatic plates on her Audi, which ultimately led to her arrest.

The bizarre encounter with law enforcement, captured on video by Miami-based WSVN 7 News, began with a routine traffic stop for an illegal turn and the discovery of the counterfeit plates. Things escalated quickly when Mercado’s boyfriend shouted claims of diplomatic immunity, leading to her refusal to comply with police orders and her subsequent arrest.

After being released on bond the following day, Mercado was picked up in a Maybach, only to be pulled over again in Sunny Isles—this time, due to fake diplomatic plates on the Maybach as well. The driver of the Maybach, who lacked a valid driver’s license, resisted police commands, prompting a dramatic arrest during which firearms were discovered in the vehicle.

The entire sequence of events raises numerous questions: Why was a New York-based Latin singer driving around Florida with fake diplomatic plates? What motivated her to claim to be the “Ambassador of the Bronx,” a title that doesn’t seem to hold any legitimacy? Why did she falsely deny her U.S. citizenship? And why was her driver unlicensed, with a cache of firearms in the vehicle?

While the answers to these questions remain unclear, one thing is evident: Mercado’s misadventure serves as a stark reminder that what may fly in one region doesn’t necessarily pass muster elsewhere, and attempting to bend the rules can have serious consequences.