California Border Crisis Deepens as Residents Rush to Arm Themselves at Gun Stores


In the last few weeks, the border crisis in Texas has eased as the state has taken aggressive measures to close several points of entry.

However, plugging just one or two leaks in Texas led to leaks occurring in other border states. California, in particular, has seen an increase in the number of border patrols dropping off their agents, particularly in San Diego.

Since September last year, approximately 125,000 illegals have been released on the streets of San Diego. The Border Patrol’s processing centers are operating at 245% of their capacity. Border Patrol reports that 1,812 migrants have been detained in Border Patrol facilities meant to accommodate 750 as of Friday.

The rest are loaded into buses and dropped off in an area frequented by illegal aliens. “Thank you, America, thank you, American president,” a released illegal alien from India said after Border Patrol personnel dropped him off.

The Indian national likely received a less thorough vetting. This is a very serious issue for the border patrol.

Manny Bayon, the National Border Patrol Council’s president for the San Diego area told The New York Post that the United States does not know the background of those who are coming from outside the United States if they don’t cooperate.

Mohammad Kharwin was an Afghan national who was admitted to the U.S. by the San Diego Sector in March 2023. He was not listed on the terrorist list until the last week.

It’s very detrimental to morale because we took an oath that we would defend the United States against all enemies, both domestic and foreign. Bayon, speaking of the mass release, said that there are no consequences for anyone who comes to the United States. It is simply not possible to conduct a thorough background investigation on the several million people who cross the border illegally each year.

New York Post

Firearms Unlimited California, which is located just 25 miles away from El Cajon in Southern California, has many customers who are concerned about the large number of migrants that will be released on the streets of their locality after the border crisis.

“My wife has had home defense weapons for many years. My concerns have grown with the recent events south of the border, and the people who are coming here,” Keith Carnevale said. He has armed himself and his family.

“I do not think it is just people who are trying to find work. I believe that we have many hostile people coming with bad intent and ill will that could cause chaos.”

San Diego’s illegal entry problems extend to attempts made by waterborne vessels to enter the U.S. Brandon Tucker, Director of Customs and Border Protection’s Air and Marine Operations San Diego, says there has been an explosion in small boats trying to enter the U.S.

CBP reports that federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies in California’s area of jurisdiction recorded 308 maritime smuggling incidents during fiscal year 2020. Fox News reports that they recorded 736 incidents in the fiscal year before, an increase of nearly 140%.

CBP and the Coast Guard can sometimes stop them. CBP data shows that since 2020, nearly 8,000 people were apprehended when they attempted to enter the U.S. by way of the Pacific Ocean or its coasts and inlets.

Other times, they find empty boats on the shore. On the migrant group on March 27 came ashore in Del Mar, at the same beach where, just one month before, Tucker had stumbled upon an abandoned panga while walking his puppy on his morning off.

The surge will likely be elsewhere by the end of next month. Maybe in Arizona or Texas. Wherever illegal aliens can easily cross, will become a hub for illegal alien activity.