California Facing Huge Coronavirus Surge Despite Gavin Newsom’s Mandates


    California is experiencing a huge increase in coronavirus cases despite strict policies and mask mandates. The public health officials were clearly shocked to see the new record of 1,500 cases broken on New Year’s Eve.

    In a statement, Dr. Cameron Kaiser, San Diego’s deputy public health officer, stated that he was unable to support plans to bring in the new year.

    California’s coronavirus cases have more than quadrupled over the past two weeks, an astounding rise that has seen infection rates significantly higher than ever before during the summer surge.

    The total of 20198 cases in L.A. County on Thursday is the highest ever recorded in the pandemic. The nation’s largest county has reported nearly 37,000 new cases in the past two days.

    California Gov. Gavin Newsom was the leader of the Democrat-run California in imposing vaccine requirements on public employees. He also re-imposed a statewide mandate for masks earlier this month. 

    South Africa, which was the first to identify the omicron variant of the virus, reported this week that the wave passed quickly and that there were fewer hospitalizations.