Capitol Police Whistleblower Takes the Lead: Announces Congressional Run Following Jan. 6 Testimony


Harry Dunn, a former U.S. Capitol Police officer, testified in front of the House Select Committee which investigated the J6 Capitol Attacks in 2021. He announced Friday that he was running for Congress.

Dunn has announced that he is running to fill the vacancy in Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District left by retiring Rep. John Sarbanes. Dunn hinted about a possible campaign on X, formerly Twitter.

Dunn was a household name when he spoke to lawmakers about the Capitol Riot of 2021. He also described the assault on Capitol Police officers and Metropolitan Police Department Officers that took place in 2021. He also detailed the racial abuse received by him and his Black colleagues from those storming the Capitol.

In an interview conducted before his official debut with The Hill, he said that “the events of Jan. 6 and everything since then pushed and launched me in this space.”

“Until there is nothing that can be done, something will always be possible.” He said: “I believe I have done all I can as a Capitol Police Officer to fight for accountability and justice, and preserve democracy. ”

Dunn does not live in the district. According to CQ Roll Call, he lives in Montgomery County. He said that if elected he would relocate to Sarbanes District.

He said, “I go to the grocery stores and the gym in that district.”

Dunn stated that he spoke with members of Maryland’s congress delegation before his launch. When he was asked what issues were most important to Dunn, he said they revolved around democracy.

I am happy to see many Democrats agreeing that it’s important to preserve the freedom of choice for women. He said it was important to implement common-sense gun reforms, protect voting rights, and make health insurance affordable for Marylanders. He said, “I believe we are all in agreement about that.”

Dunn stated that he would like to focus on mental health when discussing Maryland.

Dunn is a candidate in the Democratic Primary for Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District. This district has a high Democratic population. A primary winner would be the frontrunner to win in November.

Other candidates include Dels. Mark Chang, Vanessa Atterbeary, Terri Hill, Mike Rogers, and state Sens. Sarah Elfreth and Clarence Lam.

Dunn described himself as “a career politician” and claimed that Congress didn’t need representation.

He said, “My strength is my service to the institution and my ability to fight those who are trying to undermine it.”