Cardi B Slams Biden and Eric Adams for Ignoring New Yorkers’ Struggles Amid Funding Fights


NYC Mayor Eric Adams announced that they would be cutting both the police and education to be able to deal with the flood of illegal aliens that they have received, courtesy of Joe Biden and his horrible border policies.

Adams announced that they would reduce the number of NYPD officers below 30,000, and cut the Education Department’s budget by $1 billion. He warned that additional cuts may be needed if they don’t get federal assistance to deal with illegal aliens. The cuts were reported to “kneecap” departments.

Adams went so far as to ask celebrities for donations during a Harvard Club speech, hat in hand.

Joe Biden is the only one who can solve this crisis. The “crisis”, if you secure the border and stop allowing illegal aliens to enter, will disappear overnight. Biden, however, refuses to address the issue properly.

Cardi B, Grammy-winning hip-hop artist and songwriter, is one celebrity who’s not pleased with Adams or Joe Biden. She is a native New Yorker, and the latest decision to cut back on services was enough. She was angry for the people who would be hurt by this, including her own family. She was also furious at Joe Biden for saying they could fund two world wars but not taking care of the issue. She said, “If anything happens to me it is because I am speaking the truth.” You know that she believes it will stick in someone’s throat. She has supported Democrats before, but she said that she would not be endorsing a candidate for president any longer — this is how much Democrats or specifically Biden have disappointed her.

Warning: Graphic language (and I mean graphic)

Cardi B asked: “What will happen to the nieces and nephews I have, to my cousins and aunts who live in the neighborhood, to my friends living there?”

The rapper said: “I’m a Bronx native, and I don’t like to see my s— affected. Everyone should be saying ‘New York’s dirty’, because it is. “And with the f—ing budget cuts, we’re only going to get dirtier.”

She said that the crime rate would increase because of a budget cut for police safety. Adams had canceled the next five classes in the police academy, and this could push New York’s Finest down to their lowest level of manpower in 30 years.

The rapper continued, “And to top it off there is a sanitation budget cut which means that we are going to drown in rats.” [….]

She gets to the meat of the matter with “drowning the rats” — that was a common thing in New York’s subways, where monster-sized rats were seen. It may be happening again.

She also attacked Biden, saying he thinks he can “fund 2 wars”, but doesn’t deal with these issues.

She asked, “How can there be a $100 million cut to the budget of New York City, which would affect schools, libraries, police safety, and sanitation? Yet Joe Biden says, ‘Yeah we could fund two wars.'”

“We cannot fund these wars. We can barely fund this country.”

She tells Bidne that she is not honest with her about the problem. “We are really ….f**ked now.” It was probably about ten “really” in total. She was underestimating the size of the cuts. It’s much more than $120 million.

She was also not afraid to use the word “recession”, which Joe Biden is always denying, and she believed that the budget cuts problem would affect the entire country. She said, “The world is a mess.”

On the left, we’re seeing that getting there is a problem. Michael Rapaport – a comedian and actor who is virulently against Trump – also made a similar walk, saying that Donald Trump’s election was on the table because Biden had caused such a mess. There are many others who do not have the platform to speak up. They’re aware that they have been misled. The road may have different stages, but the journey has begun.

It’s good for the truth, but bad for Biden.