Caught Again: Biden’s Latest Whopper Is Truly Shameless – You Won’t Believe It


Joe Biden has a reputation for telling some whoppers.

It’s not just that he tells tall tales to appease audiences. He also lies about his past to deceive Americans. For example, he claims inflation was nine percent when he entered office, and then he brought it back down when it was one-point-four percent, and it was him who drove it to nine percent.

CNN, where was your pushback? This was demonstrably untrue. He said it as if it were true and without shame. Either he is lying or delusional. He looked even worse on top of that. He’s just shameless. Even more so, because he hurts so many people but refuses to admit it.

Then Thursday came along — another day, another whopper. On Thursday, it was another day and another whopper. This one may be even worse.

He not only “breaks promises,” he also lies about it.

When he botched his withdrawal from Afghanistan, despite having promised to remove them, he left Americans behind. He also lied to minimize the number of Americans who were left behind. He left thousands of our allies behind, whom we owed an obligation to. They were tortured and murdered by the Taliban. This showed our allies we would not stand by them in the end, as he had shown them he could not be trusted.

Hamas is also holding American hostages. Biden is hindering Israel’s efforts to eliminate terrorists by stopping the arms aid. He also talks more about the aid provided for the people of Gaza than about these hostages. They are still held hostage because his actions continue to embolden Hamas. The reason why he does it is disgusting: votes from places like Michigan and the extreme left, where he believes he must win in to stay in power.