CBS Exposes Biden Administration’s ‘Baghdad Bob’ Lies About Afghanistan


John Kirby, National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator, made scathing remarks at the press briefing about the release of the review on Afghanistan’s withdrawal. This was the most serious failure of the Biden administration. It resulted in 13 Americans being killed and over 100 Afghans dying. There were hundreds of Americans left behind and many thousands of allies.

Kirby blamed Trump when Kirby was asked about his responsibility. He said that accountability was not the purpose of the report. He told lie after lie. Perhaps the most horrible lie of all was his total denial of chaos.

Kirby would lie to us in an Orwellian moment, denying what we actually saw. They didn’t properly vet the people and they didn’t adequately guard the airport. He would not admit to the fact that Afghanistan is now a hellhole under Taliban rule.

It was happening in front of us for many days and weeks. People falling from planes, bombing the airport gate, Biden team putting people onto planes who weren’t allies, who weren’t fully vetted. Babies are being lifted over the walls due to the crash at Kabul airport. The Biden team also had a drone shoot down an Afghan family, killing seven. The Taliban were able to acquire billions of dollars in American equipment that had not been destroyed and was left behind. It was an enormous disaster. It made the pullout of Vietnam and the helicoptering of people off the roof seem organized. Interesting historical fact: Biden was also involved in the Vietnam chaos — that’s how many years he’s been alive. What was his takeaway for 2010? “Nixon, Kissinger got away without a trace” (leaving behind allies), so it is possible for us to do the same. He believed it wouldn’t be important, so he did exactly that.

This was also when many Americans saw Joe Biden for the first time. As CNN admits, his polls are not up and his approval is low as he considers declaring for the 2020 presidential race. It’s shameful that he even considers running after everything he has done.

It is important to note that not all liberal media outlets are falling for the “Baghdad Bob” tactics of the Biden administration. CBS’ Margaret Brennan rebutted the Biden narrative.

Brennan stated that Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan had “led to the collapse and death of its government and military, and it left tens to thousands of Afghans wishing to flee.” Brennan described it as “one of the darkest periods” in Biden’s tenure.

Brennan’s report was great, especially the eight-second chyron that said “Biden admin attempts to blame Trump for chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal”. That’s certainly a good shot. They aren’t buying the Biden administration’s products, hence it says that it “tries” to be blamed. Gotta love that chyron writer.

Biden was responsible for the entire process and the resultant debacle. He did what he did, resulting in the deaths and devastation of Afghans and Americans as well as the abandonment of Americans and their allies. The Biden administration claims they are not accountable. Joe Biden, the man who switched the switch, will not be fired. We got that from Joe Biden, who said “Elect me in 2024.” This should be a major part of the message every American should remember as they pull the lever to vote for these terrible people.