CDC Finally Admits It Lied About Covid Vaccine Safety Monitoring


The Epoch Times reports that Dr. Rochelle Waensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), has finally admitted to what most of us had already assumed: The CDC lied when it came to researching adverse effects of the vaccine.

Dr. Walensky stated that the CDC would examine certain types of adverse events data, referred to as the Proportional Reporting Ratio or PRR from reports submitted to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. In June, a CDC official quietly admitted that these reports had been ignored. He also stated that data mining was not within the agency’s scope.

In July, Dr. John Su, a CDC official, stated to The Epoch Times that PRRs were first performed by the CDC in February 2021. He said that it “continues to do this to date.”

In August 2022, a spokesperson for the CDC repeated the lie.

Here’s a copy of Walensky’s letter to Senator Ron Johnson (R.WI), in which she finally admits that the PRRs weren’t analyzed.

The letter does not give any indications as to why the CDC was lying.

This is Sen. Ron Johnson’s harsh response to the allegations.

I am writing to complain about your inept and unacceptable response to my letter regarding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) surveillance for COVID-19 adverse events. The CDC has made inconsistent statements regarding the data it uses to track these adverse events. You have not explained why. I also asked CDC for the data it supposedly generated in order to track adverse vaccine events. However, they refused to comply. These data should be immediately made public to inform Americans about the risks associated with specific adverse events related to COVID-19 vaccines. This lack of clarity raises questions about whether the CDC continues to adequately monitor adverse events related to COVID-19 vaccines.

Walensky also claimed in the same letter that the CDC used Empirical Bayesian Data Mining, which she claimed was more reliable, and that PRR mining results were “generally consistent with EB data mining.”

Then, why lie so often? Maybe because the Hong Kong Fluey wasn’t the threat that the CDC or the Biden administration wanted.

In May 2020, 66% of Bat Flu Stew victims were considered “lockdowns,” but that didn’t stop Democrat governors from canceling the draconian move they had made to keep us under their control. Perhaps it was about making big pharma money and testing Americans to see how easy it was for them to remove our rights.

It was so easy.

We must not forget that Fauci will abandon the ship just before the new, supposedly very-red Congress meets in January. Rand Paul claims Fauci can run, but cannot hide.