Charlamagne tha God Drops Truth Bomb on Biden


Charlamagne is a smart guy. Even though he is on the left, I don’t think his opinion of Joe Biden has been good for a long time.

Who could forget what Biden told him in his interview with Charlamagne during the 2020 campaign? This was after Biden’s infamous statement “You ain’t black”.

Joe: “How dare you, black people, not know that you are supposed to vote for me!” But that’s what the Democrats think, that you owe it to them. Biden said that Charlemagne had been a “wise man” and “baited” him.

Charlamagne, since then, has not been afraid to call Biden out. He’s even talked about his possible dementia after he saw Biden “talking to the ghost,” referring to Biden trying to talk to Rep. Jackie Walorski, who died a month earlier. He has also stated that he believes former President Donald Trump appeals to young male black voters because “he is talking to young Black male voters and he is directing advertisements toward them.”

He asked Kamala Harris, who was the real president in 2021. This showed that he was aware of a serious problem. Kamala Harris was not happy about that.

He could have gone on for hours, but what he said about Biden this week was the climax. He wants Biden out of the race because he knows he is in serious trouble.

Charlagmagne said, “This is Biden letting his ego get the best of him.” If you think that others can beat him, then step aside,…I’m sure he believes he has this in the bag but the polls show otherwise.

“I want Biden to step in and beat Trump, just like I want him to step in and defend me in a bar brawl. “I appreciate your caring, but I do not like our chances,” he. said.

He explained, “See the facts: Biden does not get any younger.” “He won’t get more popular and he won’t have a new running partner.” Ooh! A shot across the bow to Kamala Harris, too. He said to Biden, “Give America the Ultimate Christmas Gift and Step Aside.”

Charlamagne reads the polls and knows that things don’t look good. He also knows how weak and incoherent Biden is. He is honest and knows that other people see what he does.

The NY Times/Sienna poll revealed that black voters in swing states would prefer Trump to Biden by 22 percent. At this stage, I urge caution when it comes to polls. They are still far away. If that were even close to the truth, it would spell disaster for Biden.