Chicago Couple Beaten in Viral Video Share Their Account of the Attack


A Chicago couple was randomly beaten in the mob rioting that broke out in Chicago over the weekend, and a video of the savage assault went viral on social media. On Tuesday, the pair told the story of their terrifying ordeal and how they thought they were going to die. First, here’s the footage of the attack.

Warning: Graphic video

Ashley and DJ, the couple’s names, told Fox News “America Reports,” that they had been trying to find food when they got caught up in the chaos that engulfed the Loop district of Chicago on several consecutive nights. The participants, who appeared to be mostly youths, attacked strangers, vandalized property, smashed cars’ windshields, and stomped buses. Two teens were shot on Saturday night and 15 arrests were made.

Ashley was pushed by someone in the crowd, and she said something to DJ. Things quickly got worse when he asked the question.


“As soon as they pushed me, I told DJ,” Ashley recalled. “I said, ‘Hey…they just shoved me and he asked them. He was like, ‘Yo, don’t shove her. Who shoved her?’ and as soon as he said that, everything went crazy…They said they were going to kill us.”

The beating began then. These two were lucky to not be seriously injured, as it appears that they both received repeated and hard blows.

“Everyone went for him and it ended up in the middle of the street,” Ashley said. “They were jumping him in the middle of the street. It got pretty bad.”

DJ claims that the attack wasn’t directed at him or Ashley

DJ remembered: “It was very accidental because we were just looking for a place to eat after we left Nordstrom. We saw this group, and they thought they were tough, and wouldn’t move, just being stupid, young, and dumb out there trying to prove something for nothing.”

The mob then proceeded with robbing a couple of their shoes and other items, including a pair of glasses, an Apple Watch, and a hat. DJ was injured on his back, shoulder, and face. He also pointed out his black eye during the interview.

Police initially classified the assault as a robbery.

Brandon Johnson, the new mayor-elect of Chicago, responded in a way that was shocking, appearing to sympathize and support the rioters. In a press release, he said, “…it’s not constructive to demonize young people who are starved for opportunities in their communities.” My co-worker wrote previously, “…on an evening news program, Johnson refused to condemn rioters or looters, even when repeatedly asked whether he condoned the actions. Johnson instead focused on the fact that the perpetrators ‘acted out of desperation,’ and that it was important to “pay attention to people’s cries.”

This outrageous behavior is not to be tolerated or sympathized with. This is not about privilege or opportunity–it was predictable. You can turn the justice system into a revolving door of criminality when you “defund” the police, lower crimes from felonies in some states to misdemeanors, and remove the cash bail requirement.

You get roaming gangs of youths randomly attacking innocent people on the streets of one of our formerly great cities. I’m just glad that Ashley and DJ are OK.