China Accuses U.S. of Smearing the Country After COVID Lab Leak Report Goes Public


This weekend, the U.S. Department of Energy reported that a laboratory leak was the main source of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has since been reintroduced to the mainstream.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the government and isn’t thrilled by the new report. They are determined to discredit and deflect the findings.

Mao Ning, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, said that the U.S. had “smeared” China in a new statement to reporters. She also praised the WHO-Chinese investigation into what caused the pandemic.

“The origins-tracing SARS-CoV-2’s origins is science-based and should not be politicized.” China has supported and participated in the global science-based origins tracing, Mao stated Monday. “A laboratory origin of the pandemic was deemed to be extremely unlikely” is a scientific-based conclusion reached by WHO-China joint mission experts after extensive communication with researchers and field trips to Wuhan’s lab. It was clearly recorded in the mission report and has been widely acknowledged by the international community.

Mao said, “Certain Parties should stop rehashing “lab leak” narratives, stop smearing China, and stop politicizing origins–tracing.”

China’s dismissal follows the U.S. Department of Energy joining the FBI to find that an accidental laboratory leak was the most likely source of COVID-19. However, it did so with “low confidence.”

For some time, U.S. intelligence has been reluctant to support the theory of lab leaks. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated in a CNN appearance that there was still a divide within the intelligence community on Sunday.

He said that there were many views within the intelligence community. “Some intelligence community elements have reached conclusions on one side or the other.” Many of them said that they don’t have enough data to make sure.

China’s denial is coming as Republicans gear up for investigation after investigation of several issues and it seems there is a desire to have an investigation into this as well.

The arrogant confidence shown by media members in trying to portray Republicans as racists or conspiracy theorists about the source of the pandemic is worsening the situation. Glenn Kessler, Washington Post, was dismissive of Ted Cruz’s statement about the origin of this virus and the inability of the media to accept any other answer than that of the Chinese government.

Republicans and conservatives were shown outright animosity by both Democratic politicians as well as members of the media. This only reinforces Republican resolve to investigate the matter to find the truth and push back on those who are attacking them. It is particularly troubling that the media refused to acknowledge that there was another source than the WHO or China. This is a bad sign since it is the worst-case scenario for Republicans to be hostile to any idea they have.

Worst-case scenario: They are obligated to the Chinese government in one way or another.

One thing is certain – the Chinese government has denied that the U.S. Department of Energy report was there. It remains to be seen how the Democrats and media will respond. Many will continue to act as though everything is normal, disregarding their subjective views. Many will continue to attack Republicans and call them conspiracy theorists.

Some journalists may be able to admit their mistakes with enough integrity. This is a dying breed.