China Ramps Up Coal Mining Despite Being the World’s Largest Polluter


The U.S. government is focusing on gas-powered cars, while the World Economic Forum (WEF), which recommends eating bugs to save the environment, is ignoring China’s claims of climate change. China is the largest polluter in the world and is increasing its coal mine construction and getting approval for new mines. As you can see, eating grasshoppers is not going to stop global pollution.

According to Liang Changxin (an official of the National Energy Administration), Reuters stated that China’s increased coal mines will “support its baseload supply during peak demand spikes.” Liang forecasted a “significant rise in the previous year”, with more than 1.36 billion kilowatts of peak energy demand this summer. This could lead to power cuts in certain areas.

Reuters reported that low rainfall can lead to less hydropower, which in turn leads to summer in China. This could create the risk of blackouts. Officials in China call coal “ballast stone” for its energy potential.

No one should be surprised that China is the largest polluter in the world, despite its constant claims of “clean” and “green energy. It also ignores its environmental standards. According to The China Show’s data, Chinese companies have been known to burn “recyclables” such as electronics. Large-scale burning of “recyclables” (electronics, etc.) inside buildings is common. China also accepts a lot of waste (plastics and other materials). Other countries, just drop the waste in the middle of the ocean and come back for more (both waste and money).

But the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is also a target of the governments and organizations that are most vocal about “climate change”, including WEF and Biden’s administrations. It’s probably a good thing that climate alarmists have consistently been wrong in their predictions over the past 50 years.

The UN’s projects to achieve net zero carbon emissions and WEF’s green tracker are both aiming for an impossible goal. Both humans and plants need carbon to survive. It would be suicide to eliminate carbon. It’s true, life on Earth is impossible without carbon. Reimagining Education states that all living things are carbon-based (often called carbon-based and must survive… All life on Earth, in fact.”

There’s an important fact climate crazies don’t want you to know. When WEF says it aims to “help the world reach net zero by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere,” it’s literally aiming to remove the base material for living creatures. The same goes for the $2.5 billion in “carbon management programs” the Biden administration announced in February. Not to mention “green energy” is often worse for the environment.

China is increasing its pollution, while the West climate crazies actively degrade life on Earth. To save the planet, you have to give up your car and eat hamburgers. Nutcases control the world.