Chip Roy Gets Maxine Waters to Denounce Herself in Amazing Exchange


Any day that Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) commits a self-own is a good day.

Sometimes, however, it takes a bit of pushing to get the desired result. This was exactly what happened Tuesday in an exchange between Waters (the former Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee) and Rep. Chip Roy, R. Texas, at a House Rules Committee Hearing.

The hearing was dominated by a discussion on the resolution “denouncing Socialism”, which was sponsored and introduced in Florida by Rep. Maria Salazar (R.Fla.).

Roy confronted Waters once in the hearing with her words. She basically supported socialism.

Roy stated that he was interested to read an op-ed by a Democrat from Cuba. Roy said he was interested in an op-ed written not too long ago by a Democrat of Cuba.

Roy stated, “That’s true.”

Roy looked at Waters and then his notes, and said, “I have a question for the ranking member.” ” “Ranking Member Waters stated in 2008 that Waters had given him a quote: “And guess? This liberal will be everywhere? Roy stated that this liberal would be all socializing and would basically take control of all your companies. ”

Waters responded by saying that socialism was “basically a non-issue” and then claiming that the federal programs she wanted to defend were those Roy wanted.

Roy refused to accept the bait and insisted on Waters’s 2008 comments where she appeared to advocate for the government taking control of the oil industry. This was Maxine Wassers’s hilarious denial of Maxine Waters.


I remember just a few weeks ago when certain “conservatives” were bemoaning the fact that Roy and other members of the House including Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) were pressing for concessions from Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) over the course of several rounds of voting in the House Speaker battle.

Roy was a strong advocate to be on the Rules Committee.

It is clear from his conversation with Waters, that it was to our benefit that he received the items he requested. We should see more of this.