Chris Christie’s Comeback: Unwanted Endorsements by No-Go Republicans


Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie was preparing to announce his bid for the presidency knowing that Morning Consult showed him behind the unpopular former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wy) on a list of current and potential GOP candidates.

Christie’s New Hampshire Town Hall was broadcasted only hours after the results had been announced. He declared that he is the only one willing to stand against Donald Trump despite criticism for his sudden shift in the heart. Christie had endorsed Trump back in 2016 and unsuccessfully sought positions within the Trump administration.

Christie prepared Trump for the 2020 debate with Joe Biden.

This is a video of Christie’s event.

Christie teased his run for months before making it official. The result was a list of “endorsements” from people that any self-respecting Republican would not want to be associated with.

Like Washington Post columnist/NeverTrumper/pseudo-conservative Jennifer Rubin, who early on in Biden’s term won the enthusiastic approval of then-Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain:

Joy Behar, a cohost of the far-left “View” show is known for blackface and whitesplaining.

Former “reporter” Philip Bump, a Washington Post columnist, declared that Christie is the “only Republican who’s running against Trump”.

It is said, whether it’s true or not that you are recognized by your company. If Christie is to be considered, he must win some red states. This is not the kind of praise Christie should be receiving.

Trump’s reaction to Christie’s announcement was a classic Trump reaction:

Trump also attacked Christie for his use of the word “small” during his speech.

How many times did Chris Christie use the word “SMALL”? “Is he having SIZE issues from a psychology standpoint? His speech, which was not very good and rambling was difficult to watch. No one understood what he was saying. It’s because a failed New Jersey governor left office with only 7% in New Hampshire. ”

Christie is up against a very tough fight, regardless of whether or not you support Trump. At least, his name will appear in the media.