Chris Rock Claps Back at Will Smith, Meghan Markle and Performative Wokeness in Wild Show


Chris Rock is attracting a lot of attention with his Netflix special “Selective Outrage.”

He attacked Will Smith over the 2022 Oscars slap. He also attacked Meghan Markle, cancel culture, and performative “wokeness.”

He laughed about the slap and said, “It still hurts!” He started to attack victimhood as his theme for the night.

He said, “Right now, we live in an emergency room that is filled with motherf–ers with paper cuts.”

“You will never see me on Oprah or Gayle crying. You will never see it. Never gonna happen. ‘I couldn’t believe it! And I loved ‘Men in Black’!’,” Rock mockingly whimpered. “No! F–k that s–t. I took that hit like Pacquiao!”

Rock ridiculed Markle’s outrage over the alleged racism of members of the royal family. He made it clear that he believed it was all about getting attention.

“It’s the royal family!” he said. “You didn’t Google these motherf—-ers? What the f–k is she talking about ‘She didn’t know’?!”

He continued, “That’s almost like marrying into Budweiser and then going, ‘They drink lots.'”

He spoke out against “selective anger” — how certain things are canceled and others not, depending on who is being scrutinized.

“One person does one thing, they get canceled.” He said that another person did the exact same thing and nothing else. He is furious at “the type of people who listen to Michael Jackson songs, but don’t listen to R. Kelly.” Same crime, but one of them has just got better songs.

This is what we see when it comes to liberals and conservatives where the magical “D” gives you a pass.

Rock ridiculed things like “safe zones” and “performative wokeness”. He took them apart in this section.

Warning Graphic Language

He said that Lululemon had a sign-up saying that they condemned racism and sexism. “You’re just selling yoga pants!”

Smith was saved by Rock’s fire in the last moments of his show. Rock didn’t hold back when it came down to Smith. “Everybody called him a b**ch” in regard to his marital problems.

Rock stated that Will Smith “practices selective outrage.” “Practices selective outrage. Because everyone knows exactly what happened. Everyone who knows me well knows that I had nothing to do whatsoever with this s–. I didn’t have any “entanglements.” Jada Pinkett Smith, Jada’s son’s friend, and rapper August Alsina was the one he was referring to. It was 2021 when Smith and she were separated.

Warning Graphic Language

Why the f— would you do that s—? She hurt him way more than he hurt me. OK,” he told the crowd.

Rock said that he reached out to Smith after the news about the couple broke.

“I tried calling the motherf— to offer my condolences, but he wouldn’t take me up. Everyone called him a b —… They called his wife prey. Everyone called him a —. Everybody! Everybody! Who’s he hitting? Me.”

Rock’s Netflix series was the talk this weekend. Smith was certainly slapped back by him. However, if Smith and he happen to be in the exact same place again after this incident, I believe he will want to ensure that he is far from Smith.