Chuck Todd Reveals Shocking Confession from Senior Cabinet Secretary About Biden’s Leadership Two Years Ago


Each day you learn something, that reinforces the comments made by many conservatives in the media about Joe Biden’s mental acuity over the past four years. They were told that they were rude and were reverting to gutter politics.

In the past few days, we have learned that some journalists use translation devices to be able to hear Biden when they start mumbling. The tensions between Obama and Biden have also gotten worse since the debate. George Stephanopoulos of ABC News and Clintonista, who had interviewed Biden a few days after the debate, told a TMZ journalist that he didn’t believe Biden could “serve another four years.”

Hollywood has also (and conveniently), experienced a sort of wake-up on Biden.

The media’s constant feigning shock at Biden’s mental health has been perhaps the most fascinating thing to watch.

For instance, in the immediate aftermath of the June presidential debate, NBC News resident Biden apologist Chuck Todd, formerly of “Meet the Press” infamy, was particularly sour-faced and sullen. He declared that “at the end of the day, Joe Biden looks like the caricature that conservative media has been painting. And there were no clips [read: cheap fakes] tonight, right, this was – you saw it before your eyes.”

Chuck Todd, along with many others in the mainstream media knew that it was not a mere caricature drawn by Biden’s critics. He knew that the Biden he saw on the stage on June 27th was the Biden he had warned against since before he took office.

Todd admitted as much on his “Toddcast” in the latest episode. He confessed in it that two years ago, a cabinet secretary of Biden had said that he did not think Biden could run again and that the two men had very little interaction.

“I won’t be dumping the cabinet secretary.” “I’m not gonna out the cabinet secretary.” But two years back, I had a cabinet secret, okay-two years ago asked me out of nowhere, You really think–he can’t–run again like this? And I replied, Well, you have much more interaction with them than I do. This was a senior cabinet secretary. This was two years back. It’s one of those classic nonversations, open secrets, isn’t it? “It’s a story that everyone knows but is afraid to tell.”

Listen to the audio:

This is a very troubling admission, not only because it confirms concerns about Biden’s mental acuity were raised at senior levels in the Biden White House two years ago. But it also proves that contrary to what the White House claims, the press corps has not been “duped”.

They were actively involved in the coverup. They knew. They have always known. Todd will not admit to it because it would make his profession even worse. They kept it from themselves because they chose a side in politics and worked hard to protect that at the expense of truth.

The debate about Biden’s mental health and the extent to which it has been exposed by the media is a damning indictment of not only the Bidens (especially Jill) but also of Democrats as a whole. It shows how far Democrats are willing to go to deceive their public.

It’s a bigger indictment, to me, of the MSM. Their job is to hold public figures accountable and to cover them honestly and thoroughly, not just cover for them.