Chuck Todd Sounds the Alarm Over Trump’s GOP Popularity While Biden’s Polling Woes Worsen


In spite of the four indictments that were handed down in five months against Donald Trump, his popularity among GOP voters continues to increase in presidential candidate polling.

Many of these voters, understandably, view Trump’s increasing legal troubles as further proof of an egregious banana republic-esque effort by the incumbent President of the United States to interfere in the election seven years after Clinton’s collusion hoax funded by her campaign was created in an attempt to derail Trump’s campaign.

Chuck Todd of NBC News, on Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” couldn’t comprehend why a majority of Republicans still supported Trump despite the current situation:

Extramarital affairs, tears on the campaign trail, forgetting about a cabinet agency, or even a strange scream were all things that could have ended a presidential race. Donald Trump, who has been criminally charged four times within a month and faces 91 counts of felony, leads the Republican field by almost 40 points. Trump’s Republican opponents are largely avoiding him, with the exception of Chris Christie, former New Jersey governor, who polls at only 3% according to a recent Quinnipiac survey, and to some extent, Mike Pence.


Todd’s frustration grew during the panel’s discussion after he showed a graph showing that Biden’s approval ratings at this point are more similar to Hillary Clinton’s numbers in the fall of 2016, just before she lost the election than what Biden’s were in 2020 before he won the election:

This stuff has really taken its toll. Biden was upside down right before the 2020 elections, which is quite amazing in our polarized political world. Trump and Rudy Giuliani started this campaign in order to discredit Biden. They wanted to make him look like Clinton, so they focused on the Ukraine business with Hunter. It worked. Now, his numbers look more like Hillary Clinton’s ’16 rather than Biden’s ’20. Kimberly we – perhaps abortion is the key difference there? This – this – will save him. That doesn’t seem good for him.


Chuck Todd hasn’t learned anything from the 2016 election. It’s not surprising, but it is still a bit shocking. After years of choosing milquetoast candidates who were morally upright but received little in return, Republican voters decided to vote for the rabble-rouser who was initially considered the longshot because he showed that he did not care about convention, decorum, civility, etc.

Trump has promised that, metaphorically, he will turn tables and chairs if needed to implement his conservative agenda. He pledged to prioritize, among others, a southern wall border, tax cuts, and robust job growth.

It’s up to you whether Trump has delivered on these promises, but if you were a Republican voter in 2016, and if you are now, then it is likely that your vote will go to him, or someone who shares those values. The various “official” forces working against Trump, now (and before), only serve to fuel the fire, as they engage in what many conservatives see as partisan witch hunts by Democrats to bring down a possible Republican opponent.

Todd, just like CNN’s Jake Tapper, can’t admit that Joe Biden, like Hillary, has a lot of his own faults. It is his political opponents, not the MSM, who have the courage to dig into the Biden machine.

Chuck Todd’s usual sound and fury is meaningless, except for the fact that, seven years after Trump shocked the political world, Beltway media elites are still unable to grasp the concept.