Climate Activists Block Burning Man Festival Traffic, Get Arrested by Rangers


Burning Man, an annual festival, has as its basic principle the opposition to commodification. Many attendees are likely to fall on the liberal/left side of the political spectrum.

Anti-capitalists blocked the road to the event and caused traffic jams for miles. Six members of the Seven Circles Group dragged signs with messages such as “Abolish Capitalism,” and “General Strike for the Climate.”

They claimed that Burning Man didn’t go far enough and that it did not take a strong political position.

Thomas Diocano stated, “We do not have a Climate Issue, as the climate behaves according to Physics laws.” “We are having a problem with capitalism.

“History shows that capitalism cannot be reformed. It cannot be changed from the ‘inside’. Are we really ready to sacrifice everything for an outdated, unequal economic system? The time to evolve has come.”

The group wants the Burning Man leadership to “promote system change on both political and economic levels”, as well as a ban on private jets and single-use plastics. The group also wants to “stop the unnecessary burning of generators and propane” during the festival.

Why did you block traffic for so many miles? That’s absurd. I don’t want to call out hypocrisy but it is understandable that people would fly to an event such as this and claim to be climate-change liberals.

In the past, activists have tried similar things and failed. They managed to irritate people and festival-goers who wanted to pass by. “You have to clean this f**king mess.” The police tried to stop them and an argument broke loose when one person yelled “You can’t block a road! ”

Although the barricade had been chained by the protesters it didn’t stop the drivers trying to move the barricade. The driver told her that she had tied herself to the barricade. One driver called the act “a dumb move.” Climate activists told drivers to wait until the police arrived. They didn’t believe it.

When the police arrived, they were not pleased with the climate activists.

According to reports, the incident was caused by Tribal Rangers. The officers didn’t play around when they were dealing with climate activists.

After one ranger claimed that the trespassers had violated tribal land, several were arrested. Tribal officers didn’t waste time issuing warnings. They simply removed them all.