CNN Analyst Accidentally Reveals Why Democrats Really Hate Mike Johnson


It’s official, Rep. Mike Johnson is the new Speaker of the House. He received the votes of all Republicans except Wisconsin’s Derrick Van Orden who was in Israel at the time but tweeted his support of Johnson.

Johnson was a sure bet for victory, as we previously reported. He had a conservative record and worked well with all the Republican factions in the conference. Johnson’s staunchest defenders include Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C. who told a reporter at a press conference on Tuesday to “shut up” and “move on” after she asked Johnson about allegedly trying to “overturn the 2020 presidential election”.

Johnson’s pro-life stance and his status as an “election denier” are the two main complaints from the media/Democrats. Hakeem Jeffries, House Minority Leader (D-N.Y.), a denier of the 2016 elections, made a dig at the latter before handing the gavel over to Johnson on Wednesday.

Joe Biden has won the 2020 Presidential election. Jeffries said that Biden is doing an excellent job in difficult circumstances.

Gloria Borger, CNN’s left-wing political expert, said in the run-up to the election that Democrats would have a hard time portraying Johnson as an “extremist”.

“You know, he’s a man who is hard to demonize.” It’s easy to demonize someone like Jim Jordan who is a firebrand. He is out there fighting. Donald Trump then can demonize Emmer for not believing the election was rigged.

You had a person who was serious, not mild-mannered, that isn’t the right word. He’s not someone who gets into big fights. It was said that he is a good listener. He’s a conservative but doesn’t always wear that on his sleeves. He can listen to moderates, and he is able to get along with them. It will be interesting to watch what happens, for instance, with Ukraine’s aid. “But, you know, this man is not the devil.”


In other words, he is a major problem for Democrats and their media allies because he cannot be “demonized”, as the “devil-incarnate”, with any degree or credibility, though, again, I have mentioned that they will do their best.

Mike Johnson is someone I had never heard of before this week. The more I learned about him, the more he appealed to me. From what I can tell, Mike Johnson has riled up the right, and that’s a huge plus in my book.

Stay tuned as always!