CNN is Actually Admitting Joe Biden’s Numbers Are in Big Trouble


Joe Biden is a terrible president.

With the Afghanistan report dropping and his administration being criticized for their failures, where is He? He is going to Camp David for yet another vacation this Easter weekend, he left the house early on Thursday.

We are still some way off from 2024. However, Biden cannot hide the fact that most Democrats do not want him to run for another term.

CNN just released a poll that they believe may spell doom for Biden.

John King said that “the numbers are beyond sobering to Joe Biden.” According to the poll, most Americans have “deep doubts” about Biden’s performance and the direction of the country at the moment. While he acknowledged that there was still much to go before the election, he said, “They are still quite telling about the mood and the challenges facing the incumbent 80-year-old.”

The Americans were asked if Joe Biden was worthy of a second term. Only about one-third said yes. If he plans to run again, that’s a terrible number. Only 32 percent of respondents said yes and 67 percent said “no”. This was dismal at 37% when they asked in December 2022. But it has only gotten worse as Biden has become worse and worse. Biden’s problem is made worse by young liberals and people who don’t like Biden. This could spell trouble for Biden, especially in a general election where it could be close if he is unable to hold his base.

The overall approval rating for Biden is still below 42 percent, with 57 percent disapproving. CNN broke down the main issues.

They said he was “underperforming in a number of issues” and that he was struggling on many issues. When people were asked about the economy or immigration, which are two topics likely to be crucial in the election, particularly with swing voters, his lowest approval was recorded. His numbers regarding China were also low, at 40 percent. He didn’t try to buffalo Americans on that issue. They saw how he handled spy balloon problems, and now they know the Biden family faces criminal investigation for its foreign financial interests including China.

Ironically, this poll drops right as the Afghanistan report is out. Biden’s numbers plummeted after the disastrous withdrawal, which resulted in 13 Americans dying. No one has ever been held responsible for that disaster. His numbers never recovered.

These numbers will likely spur more Democrats to challenge Biden in the race. It’s obvious that Americans don’t trust him. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has just applied to run for the Democratic nomination and it’s already making waves in the media as they attack him. They fear he could pose a challenge for Biden, and yes, they open the door to even more people.

Expect more media meltdowns. With these numbers, except those who were holding back to jump in.