CNN’s Latest Excuse for Biden Taking Classified Information Would Make Stalin Proud


CNN will prove that Joe Biden illegally took and kept classified information for six years after he was elected vice president. CNN, the legacy cable news outlet that I have been assured is returning to hard news reporting has a new piece that would make Stalin proud.

They argue that Biden is innocent of all charges because his last days as vice president were a “whirlwind”. It’s entirely possible that the classified documents were taken by accident and moved to multiple locations including the president’s house, where they were kept for more than a decade.

Take a look at the photo they used. This is Pravda with steroids.

Biden entered work to finish his policy portfolios and to show his accomplishments.

Biden was busy being busy and his office was closing. As soon as Biden was done, his workspaces were packed up in the West Wing, Eisenhower Executive Office Building, and at his official residence, The Naval Observatory.

These competing goals – to use his office till the last minute even though it was shut down – led to a chaotic and hurried process in which aides had to pack boxes of papers and documents late at night and continue to receive more material.

That framing is something you have to love. These stupid people think that classified documents are a big deal. Biden was so dedicated to his role as vice president that he worked until the last day. These classified documents were accidentally taken and stored in Biden’s garage, as well as at a think tank backed by CCP.

It gets even better. This is Donald Trump’s fault.

Many of Obama’s and Biden’s aides were anxious about the future and eager for the White House to confirm their achievements. Many who experienced it described it as a difficult time.

According to a familiar source, “It was just really really strange time for everyone.”

Former aides claim that the slow pace of official events Biden kept in the last days made packing his office difficult. Every high-profile meeting required a briefing note – which often contained classified information that the President needed to know before he could sit down with foreign leaders.

Biden and his associates would not have been so eager to seal their “accomplishments” if the orange man wasn’t so bad. That’s how those classified documents ended up next to his Corvette.

It’s absurd. All you can do to laugh at it is. It is amazing to see the lengths that the media will go to justify the illegal behavior of Democrats. The excuses in this instance don’t stop there.

We don’t have any idea what the materials at Biden’s Delaware house contained, but we do know that the classified documents at the Penn Biden Center contained SCI data. Are you able to find out where SCI information is kept and can it be viewed? This would be in a SCIF facility. This material is not taken by accident.

Are we to believe that the people who packed Biden’s stuff didn’t notice all the classified documents lying around? This is a ridiculous belief considering there were multiple troves at different locations. We’ve reached the point where the excuse “it was just an error” is no longer valid. It doesn’t matter that the materials, which deal with Iran and Ukraine, are precise enough to raise serious suspicions. These are the countries Biden happened to have kept stuff from out of all the classified material he handled. Sorry, that’s not true.

Take a look back and you will see that CNN, a major news source, assigned reporters the task to write thousands of words about Biden’s last days. Yet, not one of the stories explains how or who took the documents. This piece was written to obscure the possible crimes committed. It even used a photo of Biden crying as he received the medal of liberty. It is pathetic to see a media outlet make such a mockery of itself.