Co-Defendant in Bob Menendez Corruption Case Pleads Guilty to 7 Counts, Agrees to Cooperate with Investigators


Jose Uribe plead guilty, amongst other charges, to conspiracy to bribe and obstruction of justice.

A New Jersey businessman, who was a co-defendant of Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J. in the corruption case against him, pleaded guilty on seven counts. He also said that he would work with investigators.

Jose Uribe pleaded guilty on Friday to several charges, including conspiracy to commit bribery and obstruction of justice. He also admitted to wire fraud, tax evasion, and tax fraud. If convicted of all charges, he could face up to 95 years in prison. Uribe stated in his plea deal that he would work with the prosecutors to bring Menendez to justice.

In September, federal prosecutors first unveiled charges against Menendez. The charges include allegations that Menendez benefited Egypt’s government and participated in a corruption scheme with Uribe and Wael Hanah, a New Jersey real estate developer and halal meat certifier in the state.

Menendez, his wife, and their children allegedly accepted bribes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars “to protect and enrich Uribe Daibes Hana”. According to the indictment, bribes were paid with cash, gold bars, and home mortgage payments. They also included compensation for jobs that did not show up.

Uribe allegedly also helped Menendez, his wife, and a Mercedes-Benz C-300 Convertible valued at more than $60,000. The indictment states that Menendez agreed to intervene in a New Jersey criminal case involving an associate of Uribe who was facing insurance fraud charges related to a trucking firm and a Uribe employee.

Menendez’s trial, which is set to begin in May, denies any wrongdoing. He also claims that forces “behind the scenes” are trying to silence him, and to dig his “political tomb.” He, his spouse, Daibes, and Hana all pleaded guilty.