Colbert Attacks Trump Judge Who Ended Fascist Mask Mandate


    Stephen Colbert is a far left extremist who defends Democrats’ destructive policies. On Tuesday night, he attacked a federal Florida judge who had fulfilled her obligation to end the CDC’s fascist masque mandate.

    Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle ended an anti-science mask mandate that required passengers to wear masks on trains and planes. It showed how an excessive federal bureaucracy makes laws and rules, rather than enforces them. This is their only role.

    She stated that the system does not permit agencies to act illegally, even if they are pursuing desirable ends.

    Colbert, and other fascists, are naturally mad that bureaucrats can’t force us to wear filthy clothes across our faces for scientific reasons.

    Colbert said, “No surprise,” this ruling came from Tampa-based Federal judge,” to his crowd clapping seals. It’s absurd. ”

    He smirked and claimed that the CDC had overstepped their legal authority by requiring masks. His authority was limited to cleaning the property, and not requiring that people use hygienic measures. ” ‘”

    This ruling was made by Kathryn Mizelle, a 35-year-old genius judge. After President Trump lost the 2020 election, he appointed her to this position. He joked about her ignorance about what a givenl was.

    Late night was about relaxation after a stressful day at the office or dealing with anxiety. You don’t have to be surrounded by talking points, virtue signaling, and lectures.

    Do people really want to buy such stuff. It is ridiculous and exhausting to think this is the truth.