Comer Slams Kushner’s Saudi Deal as ‘Ethics Violation’, Draws Distinction With Biden Scandal


Daily news cycles continue to be dominated by the Biden family business scandal and Donald Trump’s indictments. James Comer, the chair of the House Oversight Committee (R, Ky.), stated that Jared Kushner, son-in-law and senior advisor to former President Trump, “crossed an ethical line” by accepting a $2 billion Saudi Arabian Investment into his company.

Comer confirmed in an interview with CNN Jake Tapper that Chris Christie, the GOP candidate for 2024, had claimed recently that Kushner and Trump family members “have been involved” in swindling for quite some time. Christie stated:

Look, the Trump family has been involved in grifting for quite some time. Jared Kushner, six months after he leaves the White House, gets $2 billion from the Saudi Sovereign Wealth Fund when Donald Trump had put him in a position to be in the Middle East. What was Jared Kushner doing in the Middle East?

As we reported on Tuesday, it was Chris Christie himself who said in reference to the war in Ukraine: “I think President Biden did certainly better than President Trump.”

Anyway, after Tapper told Comer, “Again, sir, it all stinks to me. It all stinks,” Comer responded: (emphasis, mine)

Jake, that’s not an excuse. Jared Kushner’s business is a reality.

Joe Biden was vice president at the time of this money’s receipt. He was in Romania when it was sent. His family started receiving wires after he left.

Biden’s grandson is an interesting question.

You can watch Comer’s comments in video format.

Chris Christie has not responded to any comments

Kushner, Trump, and the Saudi Crown Prince

The Washington Post published a February 2023 article titled “After Aiding the Prince’s Rise, Trump and Kushner Benefit From Saudi Funds.”

Donald Trump and Jared Kushner faced unprecedented challenges as they left the White House in early 2021. Trump’s businesses had suffered under his presidency. Trump’s brand became more polarized after the attack on the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters. Kushner had to pay $1.2 billion for his last business venture. Kushner’s political fallout was his own as a Trump aide.

Quick action by an ally saved the situation.

The day after leaving the White House, Kushner created a company, which he then transformed into a fund of private equity with $2 billion from a Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman-led sovereign fund.

The Washington Post examined previously unreported information from Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) forms. The Washington Post reviewed previously unreported details from Securities and Exchange Commission forms.

Have You ever noticed that “experts” on one side are really the politically inclined idiots on the other side?

The quote above does not contain any words that could be construed illegally. The Post admitted that the Securities and Exchange Commission was aware of Kushner’s Saudi Arabian deal and that his private company used “a common strategy” to avoid transparency.

Where is the meat?


While I don’t claim that Kushner’s deal with Saudi Arabia is unethical, or ethical, I will say that there are significant differences between Kushner’s deal and that of former Vice President Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s nefarious business deals.

The Bidens likely made millions, not by investing in businesses like Kushner but instead, through direct payments into many shell companies and bank accounts.

What’s the old saying, Democrats? Does that dog hunt? Oh, yeah.