Concrete Evidence Suggests Biden’s Intentional Border Crisis, Concealed from the Public Eye


Illegal immigrants began flooding the southern border of our country as soon as it was known that Joe Biden would be inaugurated as President.

The number of illegal border crosses dropped dramatically during Donald Trump’s tenure in office. This is an undeniable outcome of Trump’s policy of zero-tolerance for illegal immigrants. Border walls also work well to stop people from crossing the border illegally. Biden’s election as president changed everything. He signed an executive directive on his first day as president to stop the construction of border walls. Illegal immigration soared after Biden’s election, as anyone could have predicted. Biden’s election saw a six-fold increase in illegal border crossings compared to what the Obama administration considered a crisis. And it has only continued to get worse.

The White House has tried to blame Republicans repeatedly for the crisis they do not officially recognize as a crisis. However, confidential documents obtained by the Immigration Reform Law Institute have revealed that the unprecedented influx of illegal immigration is completely by design.

A lawsuit filed by IRLI has alleged that the Department of Homeland Security under Joe Biden halted the 287(g). The 287(g), program allows for the removal of illegal immigrants who are involved in serious crimes such as child abuse, attempted murders, assaults, carjackings, and other criminal offenses. Local law enforcement can work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to arrest and deport illegal immigrants.

Doesn’t that sound like a good program? Yes, to most people. To the Biden administration, it is not. The program was cancelled in January 2021 shortly after Joe Biden assumed office. The agency did not provide any reason for its decision.

Matt O’Brien, Director of Investigations at IRLI, explained that it was ironic for the Biden Administration to claim it was the “most transparent administration in history” when in fact it had repeatedly tried to change immigration law without congressional approval and then attempted to hide evidence of their misdeeds.

Townhall has more:

In September 2023, IRLI submitted a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA), requesting internal documents about the suspension of the program 287(g). The government failed to comply with the rule that required a response within 20 days. ICE authorities are yet to reply.

Biden had suspended the program before 23 agreements were to be implemented between local law enforcement agencies and ICE. The agreements were canceled after President Obama took office. ICE currently has 287(g), relationships with more than 140 law enforcement agencies nationwide.

In a press release, Dale Wilcox, Executive Director of IRLI, said that “increased cooperation between ICE, local law enforcement, and the courts is crucial and makes our communities more secure. Of course, this administration would like to limit such efforts.” The White House seems to believe that keeping criminal aliens on US soil is beneficial to both this country and its legal residents. These emails belong to the American people, but we’re not allowed access because they could embarrass or expose this administration.