Conservative Group Highlights Increased Prices In Arizona As Midterms Loom


Club for Growth Action’s Wednesday ad will highlight the rising costs of the Biden administration against Democratic Arizona Senator Mark Kelly.

Don’t call the campaign ad “Don’t Call” through Election Day in Tucson. Masters relies heavily on outside spending groups like the Sentinel Action Fund or Club for Growth Action to keep up with Kelly who has raised nearly $82 million.

The Daily Caller was the only one to view the ad. Kelly is seen having a hypothetical conversation about Arizona voters. Kelly’s campaign used footage from the 2020 election.

The narrator says, “After you voted to spend trillions of dollars on things we don’t have, my family has had to cut back on nearly everything we buy.” ” “You voted to support Biden’s softness regarding crime judges. Please don’t call me again. ”

The Consumer Price Index, which is a key indicator for inflation, increased 0.4% in September. Both left-leaning as well as right-leaning economists agree on the fact that higher federal spending by congressional Democrats and the American Rescue Plan and the Inflation Reduction Act, both reconciliation bills, have caused prices to rise.

“Voters know that Mark Kelly has a long record of supporting out-of-control-spending and soft-on-crime judges which is why Blake Masters is surging in the polls and we’re increasing our investment,” Club for Growth Action president David McIntosh said in a statement to the Daily Caller. “We will continue to raise money and spend in this race until the buzzer that sends one of Biden’s most reliable rubber stamps packing. Arizona voters want action on rising crime and inflation. Mark Kelly’s 95% voting record for Biden speaks volumes beyond his claims of being a moderate.

Club for Growth Action reported spending more than $77 million during the midterm election cycle. OpenSecrets shows that it spent more than $3,000,000 on Kelly’s behalf and also reserved $10 million for Arizona for the general elections.

Sentinel Action Fund, a Super PAC aligned with Heritage Action for America, is the Sentinel Action Fund. It has contributed $5 Million to the race. Saving Arizona, a PAC associated with billionaire investor Peter Thiel, spends $1.68 Million.