Convoy Protesting Illegal Immigration Concludes with Rallies Across Three States


Contrary to what some leftists may claim, climate change is not the greatest threat to national security. The biggest threat to our national security is not climate change, but the record-breaking flood of illegal immigrants pouring over the southern border. Several people arrested at the border were on the FBI terrorist list.

Imagine how many people on that list managed to sneak through the cracks, and enter the United States. We are almost certain to witness a terrorist act on American soil. Even former President Donald Trump believes that.

According to NBC News, the threat posed by President Joe Biden’s “open border” policies, which have done nothing to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States, is what prompted a few hundred individuals to gather in three states along the southern border to form the “Take Our Border Back”, cross-country convoy, that made its journey from Virginia to Texas, last week.

The rally took place in the Lone Star State at the Cornerstone Children’s Ranch. This ranch is located just 20 miles from Eagle Pass in the town of Quemado.

Trenis Evans said, “The mission is to secure the border. That’s why we are here,” as he continued.

Many people are worried about the chaos and havoc that is sweeping across this part of the country. There are people who come to the U.S. for a variety of reasons.

This is also a way for cartels to access the interior of the country to sell dangerous illegal substances, like fentanyl, to a large customer base in the United States. Look at the number of people who are dying from overdosing. This is a very serious issue.

Scotty Saks, the organizer of Saturday’s rally in San Ysidro (Calif.), stated that the border was “a national crisis.” Saks’s point is one I wholeheartedly agree with.

According to the New York Post, Saks told a crowd of 200 people that “human trafficking is a problem at the border on a scale we have never seen before.”

Yuma, Ariz. hosted a third rally.

Tensions between Gov. The tensions between Gov. The issue that divides the two parties has to do with enforcement measures and authority.

The Biden administration is trying to tell Abbott how he can’t handle the border crisis, while at the same time not doing anything to fix the problem. The Biden administration is allowing the border to open to allow illegal immigrants to cross in large numbers, changing the demographics of the country to favor Democrats.

FreightWaves has more to offer:

The Texas National Guard took control of Shelby Park, Eagle Pass, several weeks ago. They erected razor wire barriers around the park, which limited U.S. Border Patrol access to it.

Abbott and 13 Republican Governors held a press conference in Shelby Park on Sunday to discuss border issues and immigration.

Abbott stated that “a state can defend themselves and their citizens to protect them from the imminent danger we face, and an invasion of millions coming from around the world into our country without any account.”

Abbott said that he will also expand Operation Lone Star – the controversial border security program he started in 2021. Operation Lone Star has seen Texas National Guardsmen deployed along the Mexico border. A floating barrier was also installed in the Rio Grande River. Commercial trucks entering ports of entry into the United States from Mexico were subjected to safety inspections.

The governor stated that “as we speak, the Texas National Guard has begun operations to expand this initiative.” We’re not just going to limit ourselves to this park. We are expanding into other areas to ensure that we increase our level of deterrence.

What will it take for Biden to do his job, and defend our country against the invasion that is taking place at its southern border?

There is one thing that you can be sure of. He will pay dearly for his decision if he ignores it. As this issue becomes more and more important to voters, his chances of winning a second term are decreasing.