Cori Bush Security Guard Claims Jews Run The World And Says He Can Summon Lightning


According to the Washington Free Beacon, a security guard for Democratic Rep. Cori Bus of Missouri is allegedly working as a spiritual advisor and spreading antisemitic tropes about the Jews running the world.

According to the Jewish Insider, Bush is known for pushing the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement and supporting individuals such as Neveen Ayesh, a Palestinian-American activist who has repeatedly expressed her hatred of Israel and stated in 2014 that she wanted “to set Israel on fire with mine own hands and watch it burn to ashes together with every Israeli living there.” According to the Free Beacon, her security guard Nathaniel Davis III (her friend and confidant) was also found to have a history in promoting antisemitic beliefs and rhetoric.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, Davis was a member the New Black Panther Party. This party has a history of antisemitism. According to the Free Beacon, Davis posted on a Piankhy-registered Facebook account that he believes the Rothschild family, which is a well-known Jewish family who ran a major European banking company, that got every president elected in the Western Hemisphere in July 2020.

Since 2020, Bush has paid Davis $137,000 to provide “security services.” According to the Free Beacon he was her security guard at least once during a Black Lives Matter demonstration. Bush used Davis’s headquarters address to make the payments, but Davis eventually transferred the money to Davis’ address registered for Revolutionary Business Group.

Bush married Cortney Merritts in St. Louis, earlier this month. Bush had paid Merritts $627,000.88 for private security services since 2020. This despite Bush being a leading voice in the Defund the Police movement.

According to the Free Beacon, Davis claimed to possess supernatural powers during livestreamed video. He claims to be able to strike a person with lightning or make their teeth fall out if they mention him.

Davis stated, “I’m going take you in Proverbs and teach you how to make lightning touch wherever you want it to and burn some shitdown.” I have a chant that makes fire from nothing. Spider-Man has one of the greatest quotes: “With great power comes great accountability.” ‘”

According to the stream, Davis warned anyone who crossed him that Davis was “not peaceful at any time.”

Davis stated, “You mess with my, I’m messing up with you.” I’m doing you 10x worse than what you did to me. I may go buy you a goat, ram, or some other animal, bloody the altar, and make your family miserable.

According to the livestream, Davis claims that he is passionate about agriculture and teaches “nature Alchemy” in order to help people be independent from the “global elite”, which runs the world. Davis claimed that elites are trying to reduce world population to 50 millions and blamed the COVID-19 epidemic as part of that plan.

Bush and Davis didn’t immediately respond to Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.