David McCormick Concedes to Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania Senate Primary

FILE - Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidates David McCormick, left, and Mehmet Oz during campaign appearances in May 2022 in Pennsylvania. (AP Photo/File)

Dr. Mehmet Oz, the GOP U.S. Senate Candidate, responded to McCormick’s concession and won the Republican primary.

As his opponent David McCormick conceded Friday night, Dr. Mehmet Oz is now set to be the Republican Senate nominee for Pennsylvania.

McCormick stated, “It’s now evident to me with the recount now largely completed that we have a nominee,” according to the Associated Press. “Tonight is about us all coming together.”

The outlet claims that the automatic recount is still in progress, but Oz holds an advantage. Given the competitive general election, it’s probably for the best that McCormick accepted the results. The Senate is in jeopardy, and Republicans must unite behind McCormick, as I said right before the primary.

Republican voters who are unsure whether to support the TV doctor in November should remember that the Senate is a numbers-based institution. He will eventually move the dial towards a more conservative future, or at the very least, act as a blockade for the Biden agenda if he is elected.

Trump-backed Fetterman, the former host of “The Dr. Oz Show”, will be facing off against Democrat Lt. Governor John Fetterman. Fetterman is currently off the campaign trail because of current health issues. Fetterman said Friday that he had “almost died” from the stroke he suffered on May 13th, just before the primary.

The nominee also submitted a note from a doctor stating that he would be able to continue taking care of his health and “should be able to campaign and serve in U.S. Senate with no problem.”

Fetterman acknowledged that Fetterman’s health problems will be a factor. However, Fetterman said that his casual demeanor could help him win. He will still be fighting for the seat during a year in which Democrats are extremely unpopular and Americans want a change in Washington.

As for McCormick, I wish him the best, and hopefully, he’ll be on the trail with Oz soon.