Democratic New Hampshire Rep. Chris Pappas Blasts Biden’s ‘Betrayal’ Of His State


Democratic New Hampshire Rep. Chris Pappas referred to his party’s decision not to recognize the state’s primary status as first-in-the nation as a “betrayal” by President Joe Biden.

Pappas stated that the New Hampshire primary was a part of who we are to local ABC affiliate WMUR. It helps to define the type of democracy, direct democracy that we have today in New Hampshire. We get engagement from voters. Joe Biden was totally betrayed by the DNC [Democratic National Committee].

Biden placed fifth in 2020 New Hampshire’s primary. He received no pledged delegate votes. Before the Granite State contest, Biden had already ended his 2008 White House bid.

We didn’t expect the president to propose a plan to reorder primary calendar. “He’s someone who’s campaigned here and understands the importance that New Hampshire brings to the presidential nomination calendar. It’s a big surprise that he decided that he would push the DNC for these changes,” Pappas said.

After a campaign by Biden and his associates, the DNC created a new primary calendar. This will make South Carolina the party’s first primary. New Hampshire and Nevada will follow. New Hampshire law demands that the state has the nation’s first primaries, a Republican legislature, and a GOP governor. Chris Sununu and his team have stated that they will not amend this statute. The Democratic Party could remove some or all the convention delegates from New Hampshire if it holds its primary without approval.

In the wake of the 202o primaries, the DNC promised to “diversify” its nomination process. After a series of technical glitches and a fourth-place finish by the current-president, the Iowa caucus was stripped of its first-in-the nation status. Under the new schedule, Georgia and Michigan, which Biden won in 2020 will hold their primaries prior to Super Tuesday.

Biden has yet to announce whether he will run for a second term. If he does so, there will be little primary competition. Marianne Williamson is the only Democratic candidate. According to The New York Times, Biden will announce his candidacy by April.