Democratic Representative From Tennessee, Who Wasn’t Expelled, Showcases Why to Never Show Mercy


On Thursday, two of the three state representatives who helped lead an insurrection in Tennessee were expelled from the body. That came after a mob stormed the state’s capitol building, whipped up and supported by the three Democrats in question. In the end, Justin Jones and Justin Pearson were kicked out while another Democrat, Gloria Johnson, survived by a small handful of votes.

Johnson already shows how stupid it is for any Republican in such a situation to show mercy to any Democrat. Johnson, instead of being grateful she was able to keep her job and claiming that she was not fired because of racism, went to the media. Jones and Pearson are both black men, while Johnson is a white woman.

This was a predictable result from the moment Johnson’s vote to expel Johnson was defeated. The GOP representatives who saved Johnson (including a man called Jody Barrett) have a lot to explain.

Nearly every other Republican in the chamber voted to expel all the Democrats involved. Barrett and a few other Republicans, whom I assume aren’t very bright, chose to give the left the racist talking point they wanted. Everyone should ask why.

What was the promise to turn their votes to Johnson? Their reasoning? Ostensibly Johnson apologized for the difference between the three Democrats, but it’s clear that she wasn’t referring to it in her statement to the press.

How stupid is it to accept a fake apology from a far-left Democrat that used a mob of people to shut down the state legislature? Johnson was clearly saying what she needed to win sympathy. Even then, only a few Republicans were stupid enough to be played. However, it should have been zero Republicans.

Don’t mistakenly take this article as a broad critique of Republican failure. However, there are plenty of other articles on the topic. Everyone except that group did the right thing by voting to expel all three Democrats. They were the ones who, inexplicably, led the rest of their colleagues into the trap that the left used to claim the expulsions were about racism. This is an unacceptable blunder and they should be asked what happened.

All that being said, the spineless Republicans need to be given a second chance. Johnson’s recent comments and the apparent fact that Johnson has no real remorse should lead to another motion to expel her. Republicans should join forces and make sure she is expelled this time.

It’s 2023. Any GOP member who doesn’t know the time, as Johnson’s Republicans clearly do, should not be in office. Democrats are here to stay. Politics is not a place for collaboration. The squishes must immediately start talking, and Republicans need to move quickly to complete the Johnson deal.