DeSantis Nails Response to Biden White House LGBTQ Topless Incident


Joe Biden, as we reported previously, got himself into some serious trouble after hosting an event on Saturday to “celebrate” Pride. The event devolved from a simple celebration of Pride and became a bizarre display, where several transgender influencers removed their tops in front of the White House. TikToker Rose Montoya is a biological man who now has breasts and the others were biological women who had their breasts removed.

You can see one of the two men in the video Montoya posted on his TikTok account, which you can view here, bragging about being “topless” at the White House.

Biden’s handlers were quick to clean up the mess, even though Montoya had not apologized for his behavior. This was at an event intended to honor LGBTQ members and their children, who were in attendance. Karine Jean Pierre, the White House press secretary, for example, stumbled as she repeated Monday that influencers who had engaged in “unacceptable”, “disrespectful”, and “unacceptable conduct” at a supposedly “family-friendly event”, would not be invited back to the White House.

Joe Biden has not commented on the incident. Perhaps he is reluctant to do so, given that his appointment of a book ban czar at the Pride event confirmed his implicit support for the teaching of sexually-explicit material in public schools. This includes teaching little Jimmy, with the help of graphically illustrated instructions, that it is okay to fantasize about having sex or to pretend to be a female with a male classmate.

Florida Governor, who has a track record of pushing back hard against these types of exploitative agendas involving underage kids, responded accordingly Thursday on the issue of the topless incident, pointing to how the Biden White House’s tepid condemnation of it is at odds with what they’re okay with young kids being taught in the classroom:

It was wrong that the transgender flag was displayed at the White House before the American flag. This is not the way to display an American flag.

You know, it’s totally, completely inappropriate. Even the White House admitted that it was wrong. If it’s inappropriate to do this at the White House – and I think it is – then why would you want it in a classroom for second graders? It’s always what you talk about.”


It’s a pretty good response. I would only add that obscene events like these at Pride are not an exception. They are the norm, as my RS co-worker Bonchie pointed out. The Biden administration would have been wise to avoid exposing themselves to criticism.

Isn’t that part of the issue? The organizers had no problem planning the event knowing that public display of sexual acts and exhibitionism is common at “family-friendly” Pride parades. In fact, the parade in DC took place the same weekend as Biden’s “celebration.”

Every single GOP presidential candidate should call out the incident and compare it to the Biden agenda when it comes to what the teachers are allowed to teach those very same children who Biden openly declared to be government property.

We should ask why any Republican presidential candidate has not yet stated their position on this issue. I believe that nothing is more important than protecting our children from those in public offices who claim to be “for the kids” while they are willing to steal their innocence behind the backs of their parents.

It’s not.