National Security Leaders Urge Congress To Investigate FBI Over Security Clearances In Wake Of Durham Report


In the wake of Special counsel John Durham’s report on security clearances, a group of former National Security Leaders sent a letter to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan as well as House Oversight Committee Chair Rep. James Comer on Thursday. They asked them to hold hearings on FBI practices regarding issuing or revoking of security clearances.

The Daily Caller was the first to receive a copy. It was sent by members from the America First Policy Institute. The former National Security Leaders mention in the letter the Durham Report which stated that the FBI had used “uncorroborated information” to launch its investigation of former President Donald Trump’s alleged ties with Russia.

Former National Security Advisor, Lt.Gen. Keith Kellogg sent the letter. Former U.S. Veteran Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie; former Acting Secretary Homeland Security Chad Wolf; former Acting U.S. attorney general Matthew Whitaker; former Chief of Staff for the National Security Council Fred Fleitz, and former Deputy National Security Adviser Steve Yates.

Former National Security Leaders call on Jordan to Comer “immediately oversight hearings” on the FBI’s policies and criteria for granting, assessing and revoking clearances.

These hearings are needed to ensure accountability and transparency in our law enforcement agencies. It is important that, given the serious questions raised by these actions and the lack of transparency surrounding them, your committees investigate the FBI’s practices and policies in issuing or revoking security clearings,” the letter continued.

In the letter, they state that “to fully understand the FBI procedures on these issues, we believe that Director Wray should testify before each of your committees.” The Director’s testimony will shed valuable light on the FBI policies, procedures and commitment to maintain the integrity of security clearing processes. It will also ensure that individuals who are inclined towards the politicization of and weaponization the levers and government, are prevented from repeating this behavior.

Jordan wrote to Durham in May after his report was released, asking him to appear before the committee. Durham will appear before the House Intelligence Committee June 20 and testify on June 21.