DeSantis Says Florida Will Reroute Illegal Aliens To Biden’s Delaware And Sanctuary States


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), intends to sign a bill that penalizes federal contractors for dumping illegal immigrants in the state. The state will also reroute illegal aliens into states like President Biden’s Delaware.

DeSantis stated that we are fighting Biden at our border and pointed directly towards the fentanyl crises, emphasizing how it affects the whole country.

He stated that we have a responsibility for fighting back, and he noted the administration’s position on catch and release.

DeSantis stated that he will sign a bill soon. It will go into effect July 1. Contractors will be penalized if illegal aliens are dumped in Florida from the frontier,” DeSantis said. He also stated that millions of dollars will be available to the state to reroute caravans to places like Delaware and other sanctuary countries.

DeSantis said that the border crisis was much better before Biden became president.

DeSantis stated that this would not occur if the border was closed and the amount of stuff coming in at record rates.