DeSantis Says There Is No Way Florida Will Support W.H.O Global Pandemic Treaty


Florida is not going to support the World Health Organization’s W.H.O. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) said that there is “no way” Florida will ever support the World Health Organization’s (W.H.O.) global pandemic treaty. Ron DeSantis (R), said Monday.

“We in Florida will never support the W.H.O. It’s unlikely that it will happen. “No way,” DeSantis stated during a Cape Coral press conference.

“But you saw, I meant, you saw many of these elites advocate for very pernicious policy,” he said, adding that while “part of why people want to come here is because they rejected those policies but they advocated very pernicious policy, including locking children out of school.”

DeSantis’s comments follow the W.H.O. news. Pushing for the ratification by Biden-backed “global panademic treaty”, which would “give W.H.O. Breitbart News reported that there have been “significant increases in power, funding and authority which has transferred much of the authority to control pandemics from member countries to the U.N. agency.”

The upcoming World Health Assembly will discuss both the IHR Amendments and the “global pandemic” treaty.

While supporters say it is necessary to increase worldwide pandemic response, critics worry about losing national sovereignty to a globalist organisation that didn’t distinguish itself during the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

The Biden administration’s IHR amendments only remove the requirement that W.H.O. be included in Article 9. To “consult with and try to obtain verification from State Party in whose territories the event is allegedly taking place.” Any reference to the IHR that refers to consulting with the state party in question is also deleted. This effectively gives the W.H.O. Director unilateral authority to declare an outbreak.

Critics continue to warn of a globalist power grab by elites.
Rep. Ronny Johnson (R-TX), stated Monday that the WHO Pandemic Treaty must be stopped. “We can’t allow our national sovereignty be SURRENDERED by America’s Last UN bureaucrats. Speak NO to the Pandemic Treaty !”

Senator Marco Rubio (R.FL) stated that the United States would never allow Biden “to use a ‘Pandemic Treaty’ to give control over American health decisions to corrupt @WHO.”