Despite Demands That They Remain Silent, Airline Pilots Report UFO Activity Over The Pacific Ocean


It seems that the night sky is becoming more crowded. There are many fast-moving, luminous objects that are not only visible from the International Space Station, Starlink satellite trains, drones in the hundreds of thousands, and weather balloons. Experienced pilots flying over the Pacific Ocean have expressed concern about some of these bright, unidentified flying objects.

Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent, and researcher obtained compelling recordings of the Air Route Traffic Control Center taken on August 18, under the Freedom of Information Act.

Hansen shared one of his recordings with the Daily Mail. One pilot can be heard talking about a strange sight.

Mark Husley had been flying a chartered aircraft off the Los Angeles coast and radioed that he had “a few aircraft to his north here” and that he was going around in circles at a higher altitude than us. Do you know what they are?

The controller of air traffic couldn’t explain the sighting and replied, “No, I don’t.” … You are not entering any [military] aircraft space or anything. “I am not certain.”

Husley first noted that there were only three aircraft. However, 23 minutes later, he updated the status by saying: “There are now seven of them…at least 5,000 to 10,000 feet above us.”

Husley replied that he was an F-18 pilot in Marine Corps and had “never witnessed anything like this”. He exclaimed, “They just keep moving in circles.”

Van Voorhis (63 years old) has over 32,000 hours of flying experience. According to Van Voorhis, the bright UFOs that he saw while flying from Honolulu, Hawaii, to Los Angeles in August were also spotted by other airlines. They asked him, “Have you seen what we’re seeing?”

Voorhis stated, “They were lights that would shine very brightly, and you would be able to see them moving, then they’d go out.”

According to the pilot, “It had been in a very high orbit or even far out in space from any satellite because it was always in the lower right corner of the Big Dipper every time we saw it, regardless of where we were in the globe.”

Voorhis stated that the UFO was not moving in a linear manner, anticipating the possibility that it might be Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite system.

Some would prefer it not to be discussed, regardless of what they saw.

Voorhis stated that his employer has asked him not to talk about the incident in public. He even told him to “cease & desist.”

Hansen stated that, aside from the lack of a robust process where pilots can report UAPs to the public, many aviators avoid reporting these incidents out of fear of ridicule.

Although such reports were previously ridiculed or ignored, last summer the Pentagon clarified that UFOs (or unidentified aerial phenomena) are not a joke.

Three videos of UAPs captured by Navy infrared camera footage were released by the Pentagon.

A report by the Office of the Director for National Intelligence states that UAP appeared to have unusual flight characteristics. These observations could be due to sensor errors, spoofing, or observer misperception, but UAP “clearly presents a safety of flight problem and may pose an obstacle to U.S. security.”

The ODNI stated that UAP could pose a greater danger if it is used in a sophisticated collection by a foreign government against U.S. military activities or demonstrates a breakthrough in aerospace technology by a potential enemy.

The ODNI reported that the government had received 144 UAP reports between 2004 and 2021. 80 of these UAP reports “involved observation using multiple sensors.”

Black Vault obtained a more detailed, but highly redacted, version of the 2021 ODNI Report via an FOI request. It indicated that reports claimed UAP “appeared to remain stationary in winds above, move against the wind, maneuver abruptly, or move at considerable velocity without discernable means for propulsion.” A small number of UAP sightings were associated with UAP systems processing radio frequency (RF), energy.

Four naval aviators flew F/A-18F fighter planes in controlled airspace when they almost collided with an unidentified UFO. They told their superiors that although the UFOs did not have visible engines or infrared exhaust plumes and could fly high altitudes at hypersonic speeds, they were able to do so.

Lt. Ryan Graves was one of the pilots who claimed that “these things would be out in the open all day.” It takes a lot of energy to keep an aircraft in flight. We were amazed at the speed of the aircraft. It took us 11 hours to fly 12 hours.

Graves testified before a House Intelligence Subcommittee hearing about UAP this year. He stated, “We have almost a magnitude greater close-air collision potential by our aviators from these objects than we initially suspected.” Our Navy operators will be able to save their lives by focusing on this issue and gaining energy. We have a mystery to solve.”

Graves observed that, unlike the airline pilots who flew over the Pacific, the “people in our Squadron that saw them, they would describe it as a dark gray cube or dark black cube inside a clear circle about 15 to 20 feet in diameter.”

The Airborne Object Management Synchronization and Identification Group were established by the DOD in November to “detect and identify objects of interest in Special Use Airspace (SUA) and to assess and mitigate any threats to national security and safety of flight.”