Did Everyone See “Snowflake Mountain”? I Just Discovered This Reality TV Gem!


I am not a binge-watcher; it’s a big deal if I watch two episodes in a day. On New Year’s Day, I found one of the best reality shows in recent memory.

As I was waiting to watch football on Monday, I came across a show from 2022 and wondered how I had missed it. “Snowflake Mountain,” which I found hilarious and captivating, prompted me to watch three episodes before turning on Alabama vs. Michigan.

The premise of this story is simple. A group of entitled, spoiled young adults believe they are on their way to an exclusive resort to film a reality show, but instead, the vehicles drop them off in the middle wilderness of northwestern England. Their families signed them up to do a survival course to develop character. Joel Graves, Matt Tate, and other survival experts are ready to whip them back into shape.

The participants’ characters are straight from central casting. New York City Princesses, a blonde Florida surfer, a mouthy vegan rebellious, and a former gifted student with no direction are among the participants. Rae is my favorite participant, as she is a sassy Briton who appears to be the one to pick up the lessons quickly. Solomon, an arrogant mouthy villain, is also a favourite.

As the series starts, you’ll see the participants as caricatures and can’t wait for them to get their comeuppance. As you invest more time in them and watch their growth, some of them will become worthy of your support.

Snowflakes have an incentive, too. Graves and Tate inform the remaining contestants that there is a $50,000 prize pool if they make it through the entire competition. If anyone leaves early, the pot is reduced by $5,000.

Spoiler alerts ahead… Participants exhibit some surprising behaviors at times. Devon, the vegan contestant, is irritated when a challenge requires her to prepare a deer as dinner for the evening. But rather than be confrontational, Devon listens and demurs with respect. The contestants are asked to pair up and make a fire by using friction. In this challenge, the team that takes the task least seriously wins.

The punishments and reactions are harsh when contestants act in a devious manner. Awkward attempts to flirt can also lead to some of the funniest moments. As the series progresses, you’ll find yourself becoming more invested in the “kidults,” or as Netflix calls them, and how they develop.

Snowflake Mountain has proven to be much more than trashy binge-watching TV. The show is a character study that shows how young people can grow and develop. I’m eager to see the end.