Disney Bows Down: The Surrender Everyone’s Talking About


The legal battles involving The Walt Disney Corporation and the State of Florida are finally over. Disney’s federal lawsuit against Florida and its Governor was dismissed by a court less than two months ago. Disney has settled its suit against Ron DeSantis the Republican Governor of Florida.

Disney’s attorneys wrote in the settlement that “this dismissal is a permanent closure of the case and bars any further claims about the same issue.” The parties wanted to settle the dispute definitively and move forward positively.

As part of the settlement, Disney agreed to revoke last-minute amendments made by the Reedy Creek Improvement District board before it was replaced with the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District board. CFTOD manages the district including Walt Disney World. Disney also agreed to support CFTOD’s initiatives for the development of the district in the future.

Disney cast members pressed former CEO Bob Chapek to speak up based on leftist narratives of the legislation.

DeSantis and the Florida Legislature retaliated by revoking the special legislation that created the RCID. The CFTOD was created to replace the RCID and allow Disney to be a quasi-governmental entity concerning its properties.

The agreement was met with positive responses from all parties. They agreed to move forward and establish a new relationship which would be mutually beneficial.

Jeff Vahle stated that the agreement was in both parties’ interests and “opened a new chapter of constructive engagement with the new district leadership”. The agreement enabled significant investments, thousands of direct and indirect jobs, and economic opportunities for the state.

Charbel Barakat, vice chair of the CFTOD Board of Supervisors, said in a press statement that the “Central Florida Tourism Oversight District”, was created to increase transparency and accountability for one of Florida’s top destinations. We are proud of what has been achieved and look forward to its future. “We’re excited to collaborate with Disney and other Central Florida businesses to make our destination an attraction of world-class quality and accountability.

Bryan Griffin, Director for Communications at the Executive Office stated in a release that they were “pleased that Disney dropped their lawsuits and that their last-minute development agreements are null, void, and unenforceable.” “No corporation can act as its government. “We are prepared to continue our work with Disney and the District of Central Florida to promote economic development, family tourism, and an accountable government.

Disney finally gave up its p***ing fight with Florida. Disney can now focus on getting rid of the wokeness, lowering theme park prices, and improving guest experience. It’s a dream.