Disney Employee Issues Dire Warning About The Economic Consequences Of New Leftward Lurch


    Jose Castillo is a former employee of Walt Disney Company and is running for Congress in Florida. He said that Disney’s recent political activism could come back to haunt the company…in its pocketbook.

    Florida lawmakers have proposed the repeal of the 1967 Reedy Creek Improvement Act. This gives Disney the ability to run its own government in the region around Disney World. It was in response to Disney’s recent advocacy against H.B., the parental rights law. 1557, which has been criticized as the “Don’t Say Gay” law. The government of Orange County would have to repeal the law in order to give Disney World the right to repudiate it.

    Castillo warned that if Disney advocates against the law, it will harm the company’s bottom line, especially if they continue to support left-wing causes.

    Castillo stated that if Disney continues its leftward lurch and the legislature votes for Disney to have the left-leaning policy they requested, then they’ll be subjected to the tyrannical mayor of Orange County. Castillo said Fox News Digital. “If Disney falls within Orange County regulations, taxes, I suspect that they’ll reconsider before pushing for more.”

    Castillo declined comment to say whether he supported the Reedy Creek Improvement Act. However, he stated that he is a “free-market capitalist” and opposes “the government giving certain individuals or companies special benefits.” It is not the government’s responsibility to choose winners and losers.

    He said that it was likely that these privileges and the substantial sway Disney holds in Florida are what prompted them to voice their opinion on issues like the Parental Rights in Education Bill.

    The employee said that it bothers her to read statements that state “we” believe the bill should not have been passed. “I have been with Disney 13 years. I am proud of my part in the company. “We” should be used when the company says that they have all Cast Members. However, this is not the case right now.

    Castillo stated that the law is supported by a majority of Disney employees. However, the company took a public position against the law after LGBTQ employees protested.

    H.B. H.B. 1557 doesn’t ban the use of the term “gay”, even though it has been criticised. It does not prohibit casual discussion of topics related to sexual orientation or gender identity in schools. Schools are not required to inform parents if their child is gay or transgender.

    He stated that “Conservative Disney cast members fear to speak out due to the company’s very public opposition to the Parental Rights in Education Bill.” “I believe that this is a grave mistake on Disney’s behalf because the vocal minority doesn’t speak for the majority cast members or Florida parents who don’t want their children taught sexuality by public school teachers.”