Disney World Draws Flak for Avoiding “Gay” Label


Remember when “gay’ was the buzzword among Florida leftists? When Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., and Republicans in Florida’s legislature worked to pass the Parental Rights in Education Law, the left gave the legislation the false nickname “Don’t Say Gay.” Mainstream media did their duty and perpetuated the false nickname.

Sunshine State Democrats used the “Don’t Say Gay”, characterization to make themselves laugh. These ladies are just one of many examples:

Disney also capitalized on the “Don’t Say Gay”, phenomenon. LGBTQ cast members pressed then-CEO Bob Chapek into speaking out against the legislation, even though other cast members were vocal and didn’t support the LGBTQ agenda. Disney’s interference in Florida’s businesses led the state to revoke Disney’s quasi-governmental authority over the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

It seems like a lifetime ago. Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, tried to attack DeSantis during a GOP debate this week by referring to the “Don’t Say, Gay Bill”. It didn’t go well.

The word “gay,” which is found in Walt Disney World in central Florida, has been the subject of controversy this Christmas. Walt Disney World has four theme parks that offer holiday-themed content. Disney’s Hollywood Studios hosts an event called Jollywood Nights, which overlays holiday fun in the park’s various areas. The show is a separate ticketed event, and the park will close early for all guests except those who paid extra to attend.

The park’s Hyperion Theater is the venue for one of Jollywood Nights. The show is based on old Christmas television specials, and it features Disney characters performing Christmas-themed productions.

Where does “gay’ come from? Remember the line from the Christmas carol, “Deck the Halls,” that says “We now wear our gay attire” — don’t pretend that you’re not chuckling when you sing or hear it.

This song is played in Jollywood Nights. Inside the Magic explains the controversy.

So and so writes: “After Mickey Mouse sang the classic lyrics of O Christmas Tree’, Minnie Mouse started a rendition of Deck the Halls.'” “But instead ‘Don now our gay attire… Troll ancient Yule-tide song,’ she sang ‘Don now our cozy sweaters…I can think of no better.”

What a way to mock an ancient carol. Disney changed the line because it thought it would be safe.

Inside the Magic reminds its readers that “Deck the Halls” was controversially changed to remove the “gay”.

Some LGBTQIA+ activists oppose changing the lyrics to avoid backlash, writing a so-and-so Hallmark apology in 2013 after writing “Done we now our fun apparel” on a Christmas tree ornament.

Hallmark was the first company to license Disney characters. J. C. Hall, Hallmark’s founder, was friends with Walt Disney.

After the criticism Disney has received for its “wokeness”, it’s easy to assume that the removal of “gay”, from “Deck the Halls”, in the Jollywood Nights production, was a deliberate effort to distance themselves from wokeness. Who knows?

Is this a win for DeSantis or Florida? It’s funny, even if not, that Disney won’t use the word “gay.”