Does Kari Lake Plan to Run for Senate in 2024?


Kari Lake, the former Arizona Republican governor’s candidate, has continued to fight and pursue legal challenges over election discrepancies within Maricopa County. According to a recent report, Lake is not dependent on her longshot bid to reverse Arizona’s governor election but instead has her sights set on the United States Senate.

Kari Lake, the former Arizona governor’s candidate is still leading in the Republican primary in Arizona for Senate in 2024. She has several options to enter national politics.

Emerson College’s poll released on Tuesday showed Lake to have a 31 percentage point lead over her closest competitor. The conservative firebrand received 42% of the votes, while Republican candidate Mark Lamb and Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb only got 11%.

The report continues:

In recent days, the former TV anchor hit the campaign trails with Ohio GOP Senate Candidate Bernie Moreno. More than 650 people gathered in a rural community to see Moreno.

“I am really, really excited [about Senator J.D. Vance, I’m super-excited that Bernie Moreno will be in the Senate. “And if they are in the Senate, then I might just have to join them,” said Vance during a fundraiser held in Cleveland on Monday.

Other reports claim that Lake is interviewing candidates for her headquarters and ground forces. She spent most of September interviewing them. The possibility of the GOP gaining ground in the Senate is high, as it is in Nevada.

In December, Democrat senator Kyrsten Sinema switched her party designation from Democrat to Independent even though she is still a member of the Senate Democrats. Ruben Gallego is challenging Sinema for her Senate seat. He raised more money than Sinema did in the past quarter. Sinema has reportedly accumulated nearly $10.8 million of cash since the last quarter. However, she has not yet announced her reelection. Sinema has lost support from the progressive Left because of her sometimes centrist views and the new party designation.

Gallego welcomed President Joe Biden on Monday when he arrived at the Grand Canyon National Park Airport. Sinema was with Biden when he declared the Grand Canyon to be a national landmark on Tuesday.

If Lake announces for Senate, there will be a three-way race. A Sinema/Gallego battle could split the Democrat vote. The word is that Donald Trump, the former president, has Lake in mind for his vice president.

Lake has not yet launched her Senate campaign, but it’s possible that she’s already thinking about a different role: vice president for former President Donald Trump if he wins the GOP nomination in 2024 and then the general election to face President Joe Biden.

Trump is reportedly considering some conservative leaders and GOP presidential candidates as potential running mates. Lake, a staunch supporter of the former President, could be the first to step up if she decides not to run for Senate.

Lake is still making her presence felt, speaking out about the voting chaos in Ohio and bringing the Biden administration to task for their open-border policies. She also continues to raise money from her ongoing legal battles regarding the Governor’s race.

McCain Republicans and Never Trump supporters are sure to be unhappy with this news. Dan Eberhart wrote:

The Republican Party has a culture of failure. In 2022, we saw the results of bad nominees by the GOP. What was supposed to be a red tide turned out to be a ripple. We must learn from our past mistakes and not make them again.