Donald Trump Punches Back With Witch Hunt Videos and a Huge Announcement


Donald Trump continues being hounded by a two-tiered law system. But he fights back using video evidence of prosecutorial bias.

Shortly before Wednesday’s scheduled deposition, Trump uploaded three videos on his Truth Social account. They mention Letisha James in these videos. This was shortly before Wednesday’s scheduled deposition.

Trump arrived at James’s “plush”, office and made a statement declaring that he would invoke Fifth Amendment rights to remain anonymous.

Trump posted the three videos Wednesday to highlight James. He is currently being investigated by New York authorities for another legal witchhunt against him. ”

These videos are compilation clips from the campaign trail where James promised to prosecute Trump for all information she found.

Fox News reports James’ office is conducting an investigation into Trump Organization to see if Trump and his company improperly inflated the value of assets in the financial statements to receive tax benefits.

Trump posted on Truth Social from James’s office that he was “at the very plush, beautiful, and expensive A.G.’s office. Nice working conditions, as people are being murdered all over New York – and she spends her time and effort on trying to ‘get Trump.’”

The former president spoke out on Truth Social about witch hunting, depositions, and the privilege of his 5th Amendment privilege.

Trump claimed that Letitia James launched her campaign with the policy “Get and destroy Trump.” Later, Trump claimed that Letitia James had “colluded with” others to carry out this long-running, fraudulent crusade that cost taxpayers many thousands of dollars. He said that Letitia’s actions over the last three years were a disgrace to the legal system.

Trump delivered the punch. He invoked his Fifth Amendment privilege of remaining silent.

He said that he once asked the question, “If your innocence is proven, why aren’t you taking up the Fifth Amendment?” I have the answer to that question.

The Trafalgar Group surveyed Americans this week to find that 80% believed there should be a two-tiered system of justice. One for elites and one for those who do not want it.

Trump claimed America is turning into a banana republic. Based on the actions taken by the justice system