Dozens Of GOP Texas Reps Unveil Border Security Agenda


Thursday’s plan to secure the border was presented by dozens of Republican Texas Representatives. It aims to reduce the illegal entry of migrants into the country.

According to the plan, the lawmakers (Reps. Dan Crenshaw and Chip Roy) hope to complete the construction of a southern border wall and fix policies permitting federal authorities the release illegal migrants into the nation. Immigration and Customs Enforcement will also be able to deport more people who are illegally in the country and label the Mexican cartels terrorist organizations. U.S. Customs and Border Protection has seen more than 2.3 million migrants crossing the southern border in fiscal 2022 and another 230,000 in October.

“Texans are in immediate danger. Texas leadership has the right to use every power under their authority to defend Texas’ border and its citizens. Texas’ border security operations cost taxpayers more than $3B. The plan stated that Texans are suffering from a nearly two-year-long border surge. They were left to defend themselves and their property against violent criminals, murderous cartels, and was forced to do so for almost two years.”

The plan proposes reforms in the asylum process. It points out that only 8.1% of illegal immigrants who crossed the southern border in 2014 and 2019 were allowed to remain in the country by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Republicans want to establish safe third-country agreements that require certain countries to accept asylum seekers from countries bordering migrants on their journey to the U.S.

The Republican legislators want to end the Biden administration’s efforts to limit ICE deportations and arrests when it comes to interior enforcement. In September, the Biden administration restricted ICE’s targets to those who threaten national security or border security.

“We won’t stand by as the Biden Administration pushes terrible policies with total disregard for what our country and state are going through. We promise to pay Texas for its border operations and damage. We will force the administration to comply with our laws and use the power of government to make sure it does. In their plan, the lawmakers stated that they would immediately change policy to provide much-needed security for our country and state.