Draymond Green Suspended After Slamming The Ball Into Russell Westbrook’s Head


This was just one day in Draymond’s life.

The NBA said that they wouldn’t reverse Draymond Green’s technical foul. This is his 16th of the season. Green will therefore be suspended for one game without pay.

Green will serve that suspension Friday night, when the Golden State Warriors take on the Atlanta Hawks at Hawks State Farm Arena.

Green committed a technical violation during Wednesday’s Warriors match against the Los Angeles Clippers. After Ivica Zubac had scored, Green was left with just 40 seconds to go in the contest and he threw the ball towards Russell Westbrook.

Why did this man act like Birdman while he was rubbing his hand?

Draymond is a great man. However, I am curious as to why he did it at the post-game conference press conference.

The scene is so funny, you can’t help laughing. The ball is thrown by one person and bounces off the head of another.

Do You Think Draymond Should Be Suspended?

It’s not possible for players to just smash balls into other players’ heads.