Eric Swalwell Vows McCarthy Will ‘Regret’ Kicking Him Off Intel Committee


Eric Swalwell (a California Democratic Representative) said Wednesday that he regrets the expulsion of Kevin McCarthy, the House Speaker, from the House Intelligence Committee.

McCarthy and Adam Schiff, a Democratic Rep from California, were both expelled from the January 24th House Intelligence Committee meeting. They mentioned Swalwell’s connection with a Chinese spy and claimed Hunter Biden had given them a laptop containing Russian disinformation.

McCarthy confirmed that the House will vote Jan. 9 against Democratic Rep. Ilhanomar’s removal (House Foreign Affairs Committee). McCarthy spoke out about anti-Semitic comments made by a member “the Squad” back in January. According to the Washington Examiner, Omar could be fired in this week’s election.

Democrats removed Republican Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Paul Gosar, from Arizona, from committee assignments during Congress’ 117th.