Even the Golf Course Isn’t Safe from Biological Males Taking Over


I don’t like golf. I didn’t hate golf when I was young, but I did dislike it when I took golf lessons in Florida, during a humid summer.

I defend it here because a transgender woman (meaning a man) won a women’s golf tournament recently in Florida, and now could be entering the LPGA.

The golf lesson was conducted by Hailey Davidson (winner of the NXXT Women’s Classic at Mission Inn) who scored 1320 points. Second place was 150 points away.

This player could be playing with the pros in the LPGA soon.

The New York Post did not misrepresent the fact that Davidson placed 7th in previous tournaments after switching to womanface. It makes sense because golf is more about mental calculations than strength.

Davidson claims that his swings have slowed down by 15 miles per hour since taking hormones. According to GraffGolf, the average swing of a PGA Tour golfer (male) is between 110 and 125 mph. An LPGA golfer’s average swing is around 94mph.

If it’s true that he is swinging slower than a woman, then if his claim was true, he could have been swinging the same speed as the average LPGA player. Even if he were swinging 125 mph that would still be 16 mph faster than the average LPGA player.

It’s not the first instance a man has stolen a woman’s sporting trophy.

William Thomas, a male who was a good swimmer, has become a female who is a dominant force in the sport. Fallon Fox, a man who was a transgender woman, won the women’s division of the Chicago CycloCross Cup. Two transgender men, who were claiming to be women, took the top two spots. Anne Andres a middle-aged man who claimed

Men and women are biologically different, and even if you “identify” with the other gender, hormones, surgery, or anything else will not alter this.

Billie Jean King’s victory over Bobby Riggs had a lasting impact on women’s sports. Riggs was a chauvinistic, jerk at the time, but King was just 29 years old. The outcome would have been different if both men and women were the same age. The events would likely have resembled the ones described.

Why do you see so few women participating in sports for men?

It is said that watching Bobby Riggs, in his prime, beat women the same age as him, was fine, and if you thought it unfair, then you were a bigot.