Anticipating the Houthi War: Concerns on How Biden Will Handle It


The Biden administration “is crafting plans for a sustainable military campaign” in Yemen against Iran’s Houthi proxy forces, which raises questions about how Joe Biden’s presidency will ruin America’s next great adventure.

Gentle reader, there are so many things to consider. There are so many ways.

I apologize for this. B. S. Haldane: Joe Biden is a much worse president than anyone could imagine. “Don’t undervalue Joe’s abilities to mess things up” was probably the only time that I agreed with Barack Obama. And the worst thing is how often it happens, as you will see.

A senior U.S. government official said Saturday that “we are clear-eyed” about the Houthis and their worldview. The Biden administration had designated the Houthis as a terror organization this week.

Biden, contrary to the media’s portrayal, did not label the Houthis a terrorist group. Biden instead determined that the Houthis are a Specially Defined Global Terrorist entity (SDGT), which comes with milder sanctions than a full Foreign Terrorist Organization designation (FTO). According to the Atlantic Council, FTO is considered “the gold standard of terrorism sanctions”.

Biden removed the Houthis from President Donald Trump’s list of FTOs. His redesignation as SDGT sanctions on the Houthis is the weak sauce – the Whoopi Goldberg Prevarication in between “rape” or “rape rape.”

Biden himself admits that his missile strikes had little effect. “When you ask if they are working, do you mean that they have stopped the Houthis? “Are they going to keep on working, yes.” It was four days before. It’s not going to help if we continue to launch precision strikes against forces spread out in difficult terrain.

Could I suggest that you use a MOAB or two? Trump was able to defeat ISIS with just one MOAB.

Biden has not yet used legal weapons like FTO to fight the Houthis. Neither will he use MOAB, a potentially decisive weapon. He’s not doing enough in most cases, but he is doing too much in one crucial way.

I think we will eventually do some serious damage to the Houthi terrorists and pirates. It’s necessary and good — or at least, it is. Long-term, this country must be prepared to fight. We need to dramatically increase our production of anything from anti-missile Patriot missiles worth millions to simple 155mm shells.

Biden, on the other hand, will continue to be Commander-in-Chief in the name of cheapness, spending our limited munitions without much concern for the consequences if NATO is involved in a shooting conflict in Europe or in the Pacific with China — only to discover that our shelves have been stripped clean, due to Biden’s unwillingness to commit either to war or to peace.

Two years ago, the shortages became apparent when Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine in full force. This invasion exposed our inability to provide enough supplies for a smaller combatant to fight a war.

Hamas then launched its terror attack on southern Israel. The Houthis then expanded their war on commercial shipping. Biden’s weakness has forced us to a point where he is not prepared for the future.