Even The Washington Post Calls on Joe Biden to Not Seek a Second Term


The Washington Post published an opinion piece on Sunday about President Joe Biden’s 2024 goals. The article was written by Jeff Bezos, who controlled the newspaper. It argued that Biden shouldn’t run for reelection.

Steven Isenberg, who wrote the editorial, claimed that voters would instead focus on local elections than Congressional races if Biden said he wouldn’t seek a White House bid.

Isenberger’s theory may be flawed because people still feel the effects of inflation, the south border crisis, and the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. This is in addition to other poor decisions and policies made by the far-left administration and Biden administration. These problems are being experienced under Biden. Even if he decides to not run for another term, the voters will still vote in November on the basis of the work that the Biden administration did.

Isenberg wrote:

“First and foremost, the midterm elections in November would be about key issues, the quality of individual House or Senate candidates, rather than the merits and votes for Biden’s presidency”.

“Once the cost of spirit, dollars, and actions to sustain the possibility of a second term is over, then the need for Biden tactically to temporize or posture will also be gone.” This new freedom would allow him to state with absolute conviction that all of his energy, focus, and political capital will go to the immediate needs of the nation and to the issues that most profoundly shape our future.

Isenberg makes a point about individual candidates for the House and Senate races. However, if there were two moderate candidates, given the direction that the Biden administration has taken, the Republican candidate would likely defeat them, much like what happened during the 2018 midterm elections.

Isenberg continued:

“Unless Biden declares that he will not be running for reelection,” this quiet campaign against Biden will intensify. It could come from those who plan to challenge Biden at the primaries in 2024, or simply to try to discredit him from running again. This is due to his low polling on job performance and desire to be the party’s nominee for 2024.

He supported Biden as he claimed credit for his convictions on guns and the Supreme Court and China, inflation, and with candor.

“Biden on the other hand has been a stronger president than the polls indicate. His convictions regarding guns, abortion, China, and inflation were made with candor. His achievements in judicial appointments and aspirations for social and physical infrastructure as well as climate change form a serious agenda.

He concluded:

He would not answer questions about his running mate or his next Cabinet member. He wouldn’t be able to resist applauding challengers from his party or the GOP. Maybe he knew all of this when he called himself “a transitional president”.

Biden claims he will run for president.

As I reported previously, almost two-thirds (or more) of Democrats do not want Biden to be the 2024 presidential candidate.