Female School Bus Driver Accused of Choking Special Needs Middle School Student


WXIN-TV reported that a female bus driver was accused of choking an Indiana middle school student with special needs.

WTHR-TV reported that Leslie Sea, 53, is facing charges of battery resulting in bodily harm and strangulation for the February 1 incident.

According to court documents, police responded to a report from Sea about a student at the intersection of Kiskadee Court & Peregrine Boulevard in Indianapolis’ northwest corner.

At the scene, Sea told police she had attempted to stop a student from getting off the bus at a stop that wasn’t his after a crash forced the bus to reroute. Kea said she grabbed the student from behind to stop him, the student attacked her, and she defended herself, according to the court documents.

A witness on the bus told police that the student was defending himself when attacked by the driver.

However, Pike Township Metropolitan Schools District, which is part of Indianapolis, reviewed the video of the bus security camera. It showed an argument and the student trying to get off the bus. Sea then grabbed Sea and placed her hand on his throat. WTHR cited court documents.

The boy’s mother told WXIN, “[T]he bus driver refused to answer the kids’ questions. Like, ‘Why are we turning around?'”

According to police, Sea grabbed the student when the mother explained to the station her son with special needs became confused and tried getting off at an earlier stop.

WXIN was told by the mother that she grabbed him by his neck and pushed him onto the chairs. “She wrapped her arms around him and began to scratch and squeeze.” She was pushed off by another student.

The mother also stated that her son had “scratches all over his neck,” and she was happy to share this with the station.

WXIN’s District Superintendent Larry Young said that the director of transport met with the bus driver to complete the bus route.

WTHR reported that Sea was taken into custody and charged. WXIN stated that Sea had been placed on administrative leave while an investigation takes place. WTHR reported that Sea will be appearing in court on Tuesday morning to face the charges.