Ryan Reynolds’ Company Mint Mobile To Be Acquired For Up To $1.35 Billion


Variety reports T-Mobile bought Ryan Reynolds’ Mint Mobile wireless company for $1.35billion. Variety reported Wednesday.

Variety reported that T-Mobile agreed to buy Mint Mobile’s parent Ka’ena Corp as well as all its subsidiaries brands, under the terms and conditions of the sale agreement. ”

Bloomberg reports that Reynolds holds a 25% share in Mint Mobile’s management. Variety also reported that Mint Mobile was founded by Rizwan Kassim and David Glickman. Reynolds will serve as Mint Mobile’s spokesperson.

Reynolds shared the news and Mike Sievert, CEO at T-Mobile. This video is hilarious, and I recommend it highly to everyone.

Variety agreed with Reynolds’ statement that Mint Mobile was the best wireless deal.

T-Mobile will pay $1.35 billion for Ka’ena. The final price will be determined by Ka’ena’s performance during the period before and after the closing.

Variety reported Mint Mobile will offer the same pricing options that it did before, starting at $15 per month.